Tool Tutorial to Increase Pinterest Performance

pinterest pin tool to maximise performance

This is a tutorial on how to use a Pinterest tool called BoardBooster. It is a unique little but powerful tool to increase engagement of Pinterest users. It has multiple functions but 2 of them are very important. One of them is the ‘Scheduler’ and the other is ‘Looping’.

Scheduler is about automatic pinning (posting) multiple pins from multiple boards per day. So, instead of doing several pins manually per day, you throw all your new pins in one secret board. Then you setup Scheduler to do 5 pins per day. It’s not recommended to do more pinning per day to avoid loosing followers. So, if you have 35 boards, you can setup one repin per board for each day.

Looping is an additional advantage since that will move older pins to the top of the board so that your existing followers will eventually see all your existing pins.

Additional features include cleaning of pins, checking pins health/link validity, organising/moving pins to a board based on pin keywords, finding and pinning the most successful pins from other people’s, statistics, board performance, pinning history and more.


Tutorial on How to use BoardBooster

Visit BoardBooster website and create an account.

boardbooster signin account

BoardBooster has many functionalities. First you could start with the function ‘Scheduler’. This allows taking existing pins from a secret board and moving them to any board your wish. So, instead of manually inserting your new pins on boards, you can pre-insert pins to a secret board (invisible to users) and then use the ‘Scheduler’ function to move these pins from the secret board to the board you wish. You can change settings so that you move only 5 pins per day on specific hours so that you don’t anoy your followers.

BoardBooster ‘Scheduler’ function

To start using ‘Scheduler’, go in top right menu, click ‘Pinning Tools’, ‘Scheduler’.

boardbooster scheduler menou

On the next page, click ‘Add Board’.

boardbooster pin scheduler

If you get the following page, then just insert your Pinterest email and password.

boardbooster pinterest login details

Then select which to which board you wish to sent/move the pins and click ‘Continue’.

boardbooster scheduler add pinterst boards

In the next page, the will be a simple interface to select how many pins per day you want to move within certain hours. Then click ‘Submit’.

boardbooster scheduler scheduling pins

After BoardBooster completes, the process, it will create a secret board in Pinterest. If the board to move pins into is called ‘Tools’, the secret board will be called ‘-Tools’. This secret board will not be visible to anynoe but you. Next thing to do is to insert pins in that secret board. Based on above settings, BoardBooster ‘Scheduler’ will move 3 pins every day from the secret board to the board selected.

BoardBooster ‘Looping’ function

Looping is an automated solution to move older pins to the top of a Pinterest board so that your new followers will also see them. This function also helps to remind existing followers of important older pins. That might trigger a click and visit to your website. To use it, click ‘Pinning Tools, ‘Looping’.

boardbooster looping pinterest pins

In the next page, click ‘Configure Looping’.

boardbooster looping pinterest pins configure

Select which board’s pin you wish to be looped and click ‘Continue’.

boardbooster looping select boards for looping

In the next settings page you can click on round grey question marks to get information of what each function is for. You probably will not have to do any change and therefore just click ‘Submit’.

boardbooster looping scheduling

That’s it. You no longer have to do anything else for setting up Looping. That’s the beauty of the automation offered by BoardBooster.

BoardBooster ‘Pin Doctor’ function

Pin doctor is a function to check your Pinterest pins for problems. It checks for pins with broken links, duplicate pins of same image or link, pin source link validity, pins redirecting to another website instead of the original website source, pins linking to malicious websites. To use it click on ‘Maintenance tools’, ‘Pin Doctor’. Then click ‘Hire Pin Doctor’.

boardbooster pin doctor pinterest broken links

BoardBooster ‘Follower Growth’ function

This is a very useful functionality so that you can track your Pinterest account followers growth based on the changes you did with BoardBooster. It also allows to click the growth bars to see specific number of followers per day.

boardbooster pinterest followers growth rate graph


BoardBooster Pricing Plans

The first 100 pins are free. After that there is $5/month for 500 pins/month (pin scheduling, pin moving, pin looping). For a higher number of pins processing thre is plan for $50/month for 5.000 pins/month. Click here to visit the BoardBooster pricing plan.

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