In this website, you will find realistic ideas for people who wish to work online from home and for small businesses who need to expand with an online presence to promote their services. There are multiple work options below that can even be combined to maximise the benefit. An important factor of success is to start being involved with a work you will really like to do which in turn can make your profession even more satisfying and profitable.

Obviously, you must spend enough time on researching how to apply successfully a long-term work decision. Most importantly, a plan and strategy is necessary instead of quickly launching an online business to avoid wasting time and resources. Success can grow further if you research other successful relevant businesses to get realistic ideas that can be applied to your case.

One ideal work choice is to sell digital products and services in the work field for which you already have experience or in a field that you already have spent a lot of time (ie researching on how to learn photography, social media setup, website promotion, etc).

Online Work options:

  1. Making video tutorials for online video tutorial marketplaces. This process can take a few days and can be rewarding in short time. You only need a PC screen capture software and a microphone. Instead of software tutorials, you can make live videos. Continue reading >
  2. Make a business website or blog to display your work, customer testimonials and detailed tutorials related to your field. Provide a free eBook related to your field in return for subscribers email and add perhaps a page with your services pricing. Find additional potential customers in forums related to your field, engage & help them to gain trust and future prospect customers. You can even provide service remotely with TeamViewer and/or Skype and get paid through PayPal. You can follow this very easy Step by Step WordPress Website Installation Tutorial to make your website.
  3. Register in online work marketplaces to sell services for $5-$400 per job and increase exponentially in time, by providing quality work while having a lot of positive reviews. It’s a slow process in the beginning but after a few weeks, it will be possible to grow a lot into a regular job. Such marketplaces service millions of customers in 200 countries. Continue reading >
  4. Provide paid services through online marketplaces where you can search a posted job/project and select the one you like and you get paid by project or hourly. Such online services have millions of freelancers registered, servicing million of clients. Continue reading >
  5. Make a good 20-50 pages ebook in a word document, upload and promote in to reach millions of customers. Continue reading >
  6. Make an ebook, photo book, magazine, trade book (hardcover or hardback) in online publishing websites that will promote and distribute to millions of readers in 170 countries. Learn how to…>
  7. Create any type of ebook in PDF format and sell it through your website with the support of specialised online services that provide access to 500.000 marketers that will promote your product for a commission. Take a good look into that>.
  8. Sell your physical products to customers (300 million customers worldwide). The more reviews you get the more sales you make. If you don’t sell products, buy a very good one that has minimal competition in Amazon and start selling! If you have a local retail/manufacturing business, then why not considering expanding worldwide. Continue reading >
  9. Make a blog to promote your work as a freelancer, including free video tutorials and eBooks to promote your business.
  10. Upload your videos on YouTube and make money from AdSense. These can be videos of a funny moment, PC games or tutorials (as long as AdSense Monetization is supported in your country). Don’t expect to make a living from YouTube unless you can make your videos viral and get millions of views per month. To learn more of what the best in YouTube make, check Stats and click any user to see how much they make.
  11. Make a vLog (video blog) website, add your YouTube videos and add AdSense ads to increase YouTube views and therefore profit.
  12. Manage AdSense accounts for customers. You can setup AdSense in your blog and get practical experience and then use your business case as a reference to persuade customers. If you become AdSense certified that will elevate your income.
  13. Make a very interesting blog and add AdSense and/or Direct Ads from sponsors.
  14. Join Amazon Associates Program, make a website, include in the website Amazon products and when visitors click on them and finally buy them, then you get paid from Make an extensive research in that before you start.
  15. Make a blog and promote other people’s products from various affiliate networks. When visitors click on them and finally buy them, then you get paid.
  16. Make a one-page beautiful website and sell it. It won’t take much time and will be easier to sell since it will cost less that making a multiple page website. Then make an alternative version and sell again. Charge additional cost for a multiple page website and for additional functionalities (AdSense, direct ads placement, WooCommerce). Offer services later for social media setup and promotion with AdWords and Facebook Ads. Read Step by Step WordPress Website Installation Tutorial.
  17. Buy existing niche online business from sites like that sell online information products and retrofit to your business and then start selling information products to your customers.
  18. Buy and sell premium domains.
  19. Make online courses and provide them through membership from your blog.
  20. Learn Google AdWords or Facebook Αds from online tutorials, learn in practice from promoting your website, get certified and sell your services with work examples in your website or testimonials in your website.
  21. Learn SEO in niche topics and provide customer testimonials to persuade customers to hire you. SEO takes a long time to learn but it has great future prospects.
  22. Sell custom video tutorials to customers with specialised requests.
  23. Sell WordPress consulting services for installation, configuration, theme change, specialised plugins setup. At the same time for these websites offer services like SEO, AdWords & Facebook setup and campaign running, basic graphics and logo making. Some tasks can be outsourced to paid services like,, to provide more professional services.
  24. Combine most of the above (carefully & strategically) in one blog while providing free & paid eBooks and courses to get subscribers and therefore potential future customers. You just need first to make a website and then slowly add more features into it.
  25. Social media setup has become a very popular request, it’s easy to do and there are many like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Flickr, SnapChat. The graphics work (logo & timeline) can be outsourced to paid services like Logo Freelancers.
  26. Make product reviews and get paid.
  27. Review products for companies.
  28. Get a freelancer to make a logo, banner, site, tutorial and sell it to your customers. You have to check of course the external freelancers work for your customers in order to provide to your customers only good results to have a profitable business in the long-term. You should also learn also of course how to do these also if you wish to be successful in the long run since customers will request support.
  29. Make a WordPress blog website with very detailed helpful articles that will provide solutions and advice, give a free quality eBook in return for subscribers, email subscribers once a week with very useful articles (that solve their problems or helps them to make money), include AdSense, direct advertising, setup social media (mainly Facebook & Twitter), promote with Facebook Ads & AdWords. You start in small steps, slowly improving your technical and sales knowledge to improve your business site. If the business website doesn’t work out well, then either sell it or display to friends and customers as a promo site to display your work in order to get them to hire you to make a site for them. Therefore, the time you will spend on this process will not be wasted but rather invested. Think about it.

You can become successful in your venture, especially if you like what you do, and so you will feel the natural drive to genuinely help others, which in turn will be appreciated by your customer and they will come back to you again and again.

Don’t let anyone stop your dreams come true if you feel absolutely sure that you can succeed by making extensive research and planning. Wish you a good success.

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