This guide will show you how to add the pages you created on a menu to allow easier navigation.

Add Menu in WordPress

Go in Dashboard, click ‘Appearance’, under ‘Appearance’ click ‘Menus’, in the white field after ‘Menu Name’ add the text ‘MyMenu’, click ‘Create Menu’. Select/tick the pages you want to add to menu, click ‘Add to menu’. Rearrange the menu pages with drag and drop (pressing left mouse on menu entry, moving up/down and then releasing mouse button). In the section ‘Menu Settings’ enable/tick the ‘Primary Menu’ option and then click on the blue button ‘Save Menu’.

wordpress create menu

To remove or rename a menu entry, in the ‘Menu Structure’ section, click on the small arrow on the right side of the menu entry, then click on ‘Remove’ or rename menu link (don’t forget to click ‘Save Menu’).

wordpress rename delete menu entry

wordpress open in new tab

To see your website and the pages you made, move your mouse on top left ‘Home’ icon, and when the ‘Visit Site’ link appears, right click on it and select ‘Open Link in New Tab’.

You will then have 2 pages in total: one with the dashboard to make website changes and the second with the Actual Website that visitors will see. If you make further changes in your dashboard, then go to the second Actual Website and press the ‘F5’ so that the browser is refreshed with the new content. If you can’t see changes, then in keyboard press Ctrl+Shift+Del, tick all option and click on ‘Clear All’ (that will clear browser cookies).

How to Add Header Image to your WordPress website

Find an image (perhaps from but also read terms of use) with a minimum width size of 1200 pixels and save it to your PC. Then go to Dashboard, click, ‘Appearance’, click ‘Header’ and click on ‘Add new image’, click on ‘Upload Files’, click on ‘Select Files’, select the image from your PC, click on bottom right the button ‘Select and Crop’, click ‘Crop Image’, then click on top left ‘Save & Publish’. Then click the ‘X’ icon on top left to return to Dashboard.

wordpress header image add new

Then go to your Website and click ‘F5’ to see the image you uploaded, the menu and pages you made. If you wish to add a text/slogan to your image, use free service to make the image look more professional and at the same time you will convey a clear message to your visitor of what your website is about.

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