Affiliate marketing is the promotion of products by other business or bloggers. They get a commission per sale. Affiliate marketing is another method of internet marketing.

The affiliate marketing system has typically three entities. The product seller, the affiliate network and the affiliate marketer. The affiliate network and affiliate marketer receives a pre-agreed commission per sale.

Affiliate Marketing Entities

  • The seller who wants to sell a product or service
  • The affiliate marketer who is promoting the product. The affiliate’s job is to promote and persuade a potential customer in the product’s value to get a sale. This is done through suitable content within a website. The affiliate promotes products through digital networks like social media and blog posts.
  • The affiliate network intervenes between the seller and the affiliate. They act as a products hub collection and ease the payment commission process. Popular affiliate networks are Amazon, Jvzoo, ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, RevenueWire. Some sellers also have a dedicated affiliate system within and pay directly to the affiliate.
  • The potential customer is the recipient of affiliate marketing actions and probable buyer.

Business can get their products promoted easier by approaching affiliate networks. Or, they can approach large traffic blog owners relevant to their market niche.

Affiliate long-term marketing promotion is cost-efficient, measurable with long-term results.

Sellers Benefits

  • Controls the affiliate promotion program
  • Decides on commission per product
  • Little time consumption
  • Can set promotion banners to maintain a professional image.
    Measurable results

Affiliate Marketing Advantages

  • Commission cost only. No other costs.
  • Fast promotion startup
  • Profitable cooperation for seller and affiliate
  • Long-term cooperation potential
  • Fast communication and re-evaluation of the promotion strategy
  • Cooperation with more than one affiliate
  • Thousands of products and affiliates
  • Affiliate programs are normally free to join
  • No sales experience needed
  • No binding contracts
  • BrandingAffiliate marketing must is an alternative method of fast promotional method. The possibilities are endless. The benefits are for both the seller and the affiliate.