Copywriting is writing for marketing reasons to promote an idea, person or business. It involves content writing in a way to obtain instant attention from people. The word copy relates to content intended for printing an article.

A copywriter’s purpose is a promotion through any media (ad, tv, radio, article, social network etc). The intention of marketing a copy or promoting a text is to motivate people to take action. An action can be a subscription or a sale.

In websites and in blogging, copywriting use is the promotion of blog articles and getting subscriptions. Subscriptions intent is to increase email lists (list building) so to monetize a blog.

Learning copywriting is a need for online business success.

Why should you Learn Copywriting?

A marketer’s success depends on converting words into gold. Copywriting use is to sell anything to anyone.

Selling online instead of offline is not as easy. The audience cannot interact live as person to person. So, the power of good copywriting comes to play to influence audience emotions.

Copywriting Basics

Copywriting aims to attract readers attention several times to lead to action. It applies in various website places like:
  • Banners
  • Landing Pages
  • Articles
  • Subscription forms
  • Marketing Emails
  • Sales Pages
Before applying your copywriting you need to set a strategy. Define how to influence readers and how they should react thought content.
Guide them through a sales funnel without being forcefull. They must feel that you are helping them and then you give a recommended solution. So:

Casual Copywriting

Write in a friendly way. Persuade them that you know well the subject that you write. Writing in a way to push with intensity for action will not get you far. Trying to push for their action will receive a negative impact.
If you don’t know the effect of your copywriting, then ask people t read your article and give you feedback. Split-testing is technical but helps to improve copywriting results. That is, testing different versions of the same copy, with variations of writing style.

Copywriting Headlines

A Headline is very important. Their use is to get the attention of readers. You get one second to motivate them to read your copy. You might lose the opportunity due to a common headline even if your copy or offer is excellent.
A headline’s impact also depends on font type, font-weight, colour and background. A subheadline can emphasize the headline’s intent. Especially if it states ‘Free’.
Avoid headlines in capital letters. The effect is like screaming to them. A headline should cause excitement or raise curiosity. It’s better if they are short and catchy.

ESP Copywriting

Almost all our buying choices happen unconsciously. The unconscious choice thought emotions affect our conscious mind. Then logic intervenes to convert it into a reasonable decision to make the purchase.
So, marketers made terminologies like ‘Unique Selling Point’, ‘Unique Selling Propositions’ and ‘Emotional Selling Point’.
Emotional Selling Point (ESP) use is to influence the reader’s emotion to take the action you want.
Effective use of ESP depends on the type of content your niche audience can relate with.

Copywriting Call To Action

The call to action is the most important element within the content or product page. It contains one or more words calling the reader to take action. It works on a subconscious level. It also informs them what they will get if they do so.

Different marketing elements need to drive a different result. Some examples are:

  • Article action: Comments
  • Landing page: Subscriptions
  • Newsletters: Clicks to visit website
  • Sales pages: Purchases
  • Social media page: Likes, comments, shares
  • Forums: Comments, likes, communication

Call to action examples are:

  • Buy Now
  • Subscribe now
  • Read more
  • Learn more

Imagination is the limit to call to action. Blog article call to actions examples are also:
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Get ideas from other bloggers and make them unique to suit your needs. Professionals use an effective call to action words. Split test to see what works for you.

Providing urgency to a call to action increases reaction chances. An offer of limited amount or for a limited time works this way. Examples are:

  • Scarcity: ‘Don’t miss this opportunity. Last few pieces left’.
  • Time-sensitive: ‘20% off limited offer. Expires tonight. Buy now’.

Copywriting Handling Objections

Handling objections are necessary skills to produce good copywriting.


Objections could be questions to people minds who read a sales copy. Will they waste time or money by taking the action the copy recommends?

Copywriters need to learn how to deal with these objections. When they do, then benefits will be extensive. These are some methods to deal with objections:


Postscript means ‘written after’. Postscripts (P.S.) in sales letters increase conversions and sales. Its use is to add an extra good reason why they should buy the product.

It’s like a second headline to maximise the incentive. Readers sometimes scroll to the product section ignoring the main sales copy. Before people taking the ‘Add to Cart’ action, they hesitate. Give them a good reason to do so.

Inserting a postscript there is a last chance attention grabber to get the sale before they leave. Postscript example:
‘Sign up now for a 30 days trial. Don’t miss this unique offer’


Customer reviews, readers comments or social proof can assure a potential customer. Realistic testimonial increases the possibility to convince the reader. Amazon is a great example where buyers share their experiences with a product.

You can get a testimonial by asking people. A discount coupon or a freebie will motivate them to do so. Testimonials can have a text or video form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section in your copy assists a lot with readers objections. It solves problems and saves communication time. Include their replies to the most common questions. Questions usually are about price issues, who should use the product and how to use it, delivery time and cost.

A Good Reason to Act

Describe in a clear way with arguments why they should take action. Write the most important product benefits. How the product will help them.? What is the cost-benefit vs other products?

Copywriting Mistakes

Anyone may make copywriting mistakes. No one is perfect. It takes knowledge, experience and testing to improve. Consider the following:

Do you Provide Value?

Before you overload people with offers, give them a good reason to buy. Offer them a discount or free stuff. Provide a basis to start connecting with them.

Do you sound too formal?

Very formal writing may put off readers. Don’t sound like another typical cold salesperson. Attach a human voice with a sentiment. Use some casual tone unless you sell a high-class product.

Correct Visual Elements Alignment?

Typical alignment:
  • Align images to the centre. Use a few and relevant images.
  • Words alignment to the left
  • Indented a little inside
  • Short word lines. To reduce reading distraction.

Is your reader wasting time?

People don’t have time to lose. A copy content should include only what is essential. Every line of text counts in maintaining readers attention.

Swipe Files

Copywriters sometimes get a writer’s block. They run out of ideas and inspiration. Sometimes they have no time or want to write something that will give results.
Swipe files are a batch of titles, phrases, postscripts. Their usage is as a copy-paste action in a sales copy.

Copywriting Recommendations

Copywriting improvement will come with time. Don’t test your writing luck without foundation. Learn more about copywriting.
Buy a few decent copywriting video tutorial course to save a lot of time. Research what other marketers are doing and how they write.
Sign up on popular marketing forums. Find their copywriting thread and start reading about it. Interacting with users and ask their opinion. Forum users like helping for free. The interaction is almost immediate. Some popular forums: Reddit, WarriorForum, Digital Point.


Making words to sell is an art but it is also a learnable skill. The more you write, the better you will become.
Don’t quit. Keep motivating yourself, as long as you know which route to follow t become better.
Test variations of a sales copy. Do a spit test with a social media ad and check the response.