Udemy.com is an online marketplace where anyone in the world watch a video course  to learn a skills on many subjects or to create a video tutorial to make money. They provide 42.000 courses and have 14 million users! There are free and paid courses from $15-$200. Therefore, there are 2 benefits:

  1. You can make a high quality course and upload it to Udemy and start making money. They can promote it for free and you get some commission from sales or you can promote it get maximum commission.
  2. You can learn almost any technical skill to improve your business with a very low-cost with respect to the benefits you receive. They offer also the possibility for refund.

You have the freedom to make almost any type of course from the comfort of your home or company. There are already 20.000 instructors making courses for Udemy.

Take a look in Top Udemy instructor course earnings will give you an idea of what the best of the best earn with Udemy courses.

Before making a Udemy course consider these:

  • A course must be at least 30 minutes.
  • Video quality of 720p or HD, with format of .mp4 or .mov or .flv.
  • The course subject has to be something that you are passionate about and people would be willing to pay. Courses with potential are the ones that teach people how to increase their income or to solve a problem or to improve their business/personal life.
  • There a 2 types of video recording. One is for recording a PC screen (for software tutorial) and the other for filming live yourself or another person. For PC screen recording your will need a recording software, video edit software and a decent microphone. For filming recordings you will need a camera, lighting equipment, microphone processing and video edit software. For filming learn more with the Udemy course ‘Filming your Videos’. The specifications of the tools you need for recording read Udemy article on Udemy Recommended Audio and Video Equipment.
  • Before making a complete course, Submit a Test Video to Udemy, with a duration of 1-3 minutes so that Udemy specialist will check quality and give your feedback on possible improvements. There are many video recording software available. Test a free version, record a video with sound and then submit a test video to Udemy. If they approve it then buy it. Its important to know that free video recording software might be free to try for personal use but not for business use (unless the software terms for free use state that).
  • Start by making a course on a subject you know well, have experience with or make an extensive research on a topic not already covered by other instructors.
  • Expect to spend a few days for the preparation and recording and processing of video and sound. Keep notes of what to make, how to make it, write a plan on how to separate courses in sections. After you upload your complete course you can improve each course section in the future.
  • Udemy may allow giving away your course for free so that you get some students and opinions so that you improve your course and in the future you may add a sale price to your course.
  • If you make a course that helps people to pass a very difficult exam or get a license, then people will gladly pay and might even thank you!
  • Check this free course on How to Create Your Udemy Course
  • Check a more in depth free tutorial in Udemy Instructor Strategies for Course Success
  • Watch courses made by other instructors in Udemy that have thousands of students enrolled, so that you get a realistic idea of what you should expect to make. You really have to make a good quality course unless there is not much competition on a similar course type. Check what other Udemy instructors are teaching to differentiate your courses to avoid competing for marginal earnings.  Research Udemy’s Hot Topic Courses in order to make a course that people need (to increase sales possibility).
  • Check Udemy Free courses to get an idea of what a course is like

While preparing your course consider these:

  • In the 1st minute of your introduction video, convince viewers that your course by providing actual examples, case studies, true story/testimonials and provide images snapshots to demonstrate that. Say why this is right course for them and why you are the right instructor for them. In end of video say ‘If you liked it then give a good review and if not please email me your kind feedback to improve it’.
  • Make an attractive/irresistible title ie ‘Save 1 Hour a Day by Spending 5 Minutes in Planning’.
  • In the end of your video course, thanks students for watching, ask their opinion/feedback, offer students another video and inform them that you are available to their requests. Answer all their questions be helpful to them so that they support you in improving your course. You must get very good reviews for your course. They can become your most loyal new course buyers.
  • Use nice graphics for presentation. You get free images from Free Images Sites or more professional ready made graphics from Graphicriver.net  or you can get a freelancer to do custom work for your for $5 from Fiverr.com Graphics and Design
  • Be occasionally slightly humorous so that the course is also entertaining to maintain attention and enjoyment. That can result in recommending your course to their friends and colleagues.
  • Before making final course, make a short YouTube video of your course to get people’s reaction and opinions to improve it.
  • Prepare a text of what to talk in your video. You can also use this text as subtitles for Udemy international viewers. You can you later this text as a basis for making an ebook to sell (check with Udemy first).

After you make a course consider these:

  • Promote your courses with discounted links also with your website, social media, ebooks, kindles or quest post. Sending them to your website’s or customers emails, you have a lot more possibility to get sales since they know you and will be more engaged with your product.
  • Upload an intro video in your YouTube channel with a Udemy coupon link at the end of the video. In this way you can persuade viewers with the intro video and then offer them a discount (from your Udemy account) so that they pay to see your course. You can also embed easily yourself a YouTube video in your website to get more viewers. If you use a WordPress website you can use WordPress YouTube Plugins.
  • Improve your courses based on students feedback to get more sales.
  • The more courses an instructor makes, the more credibility he obtains.
  • Don’t buy reviews and might be better not to ask reviews from other instructors.
  • Engage with other instructors to give help and get help.
  • Join Udemy Studio Facebook Group to expand your presence.
  • If you make more than one course, the benefits are better to get a really additional satisfying income.