Fiverr is an online marketplace, serving millions of customers in 200 countries, in which almost anyone can buy or sell services from $5-500$. They provide millions of services for graphics, internet marketing, writing, translation, video, music, programming, websites and business. That means that no matter what someone experience is, with or without higher education degrees, they can immediately start selling their services in Fiverr.

So, if a buyer pay Fiverr for a service order, then the seller keeps 80% of each sale that is successfully delivered. A typical seller starts selling services (gig) from $5 but can also add extra features in their gigs for an additional fee ($10-$20). After each service is delivered then there is a request from the buyer to provide rating for the service delivered. The higher the ratings a seller gets, the higher the sales.

A seller doesn’t have to look around for customers since Fiverr already has a vast number of visits per day.

Forbes made an interesting article on How These 3 People Make 6 Figures A Year On Fiverr and How These Sellers Made $50,000 on Fiverr. Take a look also on a Successful Seller Profile in Fiverr and check the gigs she provides and read some reviews to get a better understanding.

In the beginning the process is slow but it provides a satisfying income when a seller is promoted to a Level 2 Seller (completion of at least 50 individual orders in two consecutive months and maintains a 4.5 star rating).

A seller could consider also the following:

Watch Udemy’s Free Tutorial on How to be Successful in Fiver

Ideally you should make a gig that differentiates a seller from other sellers to avoid competition.

If a seller has certifications or can get a certification, then that will increase the credibility of a seller.
After a few gigs with good ratings, then a seller can spread the story to friends and forums to get more customers.

Even though a seller may start providing gigs only for $5, if the work to be done may take just a 10-20 minute, then it’s ok.

A seller could provide a little more extra work/benefit and support for each customer to get a good rating while increasing the possibility for this buyer to return for more gigs.

You can add a good video to your profile to assist persuasion to potential customer. Video can be 30-60 sec with a phrase like ‘Exclusively on Fiverr’, including preferably your face to increase customers trust.

Link your social media profiles incl. LinkedIn to improve your view by the customer.

Promote your gigs on social media.

High demand gigs seem to be: Voiceovers, design, sound and video production, web and tech services.

To start making money just make a simple registration in Fiverr Sellers Registration Page and follow the step by step process and you can start selling your service in a few minutes.

Note: Alternative workplace is UpWork. Fiverr is for a work that takes minutes or 1-2 hours per customer. Upwork is like a regular job service that can last from hours to a weeks, or more.