Email marketing is another excellent internet marketing method. It’s about promoting products and services with the method of sending emails. It’s the least expensive internet marketing method but very effective. Online and physical businesses use email marketing. The results is profit increase and visibility. It creates a more personalised relationship with the existing customers.

Promotional emails usually include coupons to motivate customers. In the case of blogs, it’s the best way to grow loyal followers database. Bloggers offer a free useful ebook in exchange for a subscription.

Is Email Marketing Effective?

Email marketing is very effective since it’s personalised. A great advantage is that it targets existing customers. Repetition of emails (newsletter) keep up a discrete and guaranteed approach to customers. It’s also an alternative low-cost method of branding and advertisement.

Email Marketing Advantages:

  • Personalized email marketing
  • Getting new customers while keeping existing customers.
  • Guaranteed promotion directly to subscribers inbox.
  • Continuous customer relationship build-up.
  • Higher sales conversion than other internet marketing methods.
  • Instant mass promotion in seconds in desired day and time.

Email Autoresponder Marketing

Autoresponders are the best Internet marketing methods. They save hundreds of hours. Automated email service providers, offer this extra benefit. This way, every new subscriber receives a Thank You’ email including promotional material. Automation is set to repeat after predefined days. That creates a reminder and brings back more visits and sales.

Sending newsletters is a standard practice for bloggers and eCommerce companies. Smart use of autoresponders can attract and maintain subscribers interest. Don’t send too many newsletters per month to avoid loosing subscribers. Newsletters don’t bring most sales but an extra amount of sales. Email marketing can become profitable but requires a very large email list building. Building it, is faster with social media contests. That’s not the best quality subscribers but its a start.