Facebook group is a powerful feature for marketers. It provides another way to engage with people to increase branding, conversions and profits. The aim is to also increase trust and authority.  Facebook groups provide unique Facebook marketing and business opportunities than other marketing methods. It is another productive form of getting website traffic.

Every business should consider the advantage of creating a Facebook group. It’s free and there is already +1 billion users interacting.

Facebook Groups vs Facebook Pages?

Facebook groups give the ability to interact with followers and customers.

There are some differences between Facebook page and a Facebook group. A Facebook page post will receive interaction from followers. A Facebook group post will receive interaction from followers within that group. Group members only see a group’s post. Also, a Facebook group post can’t have calls to action like with a Facebook page. Post promotion is also not possible.

Facebook group posts appear on home feeds with a higher importance than Pages posts. Groups intention is the interaction of people within a community of specific topics and interests.

Facebook Pages are more business oriented, including features to enhance marketing. Facebook users don’t want their home feeds overfilling with business posts. So, this is the reason that Groups posts get a higher importance.

Creating True Brand Fans

It’s easier for a brand to get random fans of average interest. It’s ideal to focus efforts in getting quality fans even if they are few. 100 true loyal fans are much better than 1000 fans of less direct interest. A brand with loyal fans gets immediate and long-lasting benefits. Loyal fans is what increase a brand’s success.

True fans are the one that will dedicate time to read and even interact with a brands post. If they like a post then they may even share it with their followers or friends. They might even share it on other online communities! The benefits of a great content can be exponential.

When true and loyal fans base is build, this increases the conversion percentage, from fans to customers.

Converting also your customers into fans is the other way around to increase the strength of your Facebook group. This will help to maintain and increase customer actions like a purchase. Having a customer as a fan is far more important than any other type of fan. Customers already know well a brand.

Facebook Group Member Unique Feeling

Increasing a fan base can be with the action of informing them to become part of a Facebook group. People enjoy being part of a community to share their opinions. Also, it gives them the ability of another form of communication with a brand. A group can get even an image of a club for privileged members. Everyone likes feeling special.

Building a social community for a brand removes the image of a cold product pushing brand. That builds a more personal and intimate relationship.

Facebook Group Further Benefits

There are also more ways to use the power of Facebook groups to grow a brand.

Fan Membership Motivation Benefits

You can grow a Facebook group fans by motivating them to take action. An action may be the signing up for exclusive access to a private Facebook Group. People will sign up if they will benefit. Their benefit could be exclusive content, product pre-launch, advice or free giveaways.

If people already like your content, then it will be easier to sign up. Everyone needs a good incentive to take action. If they are happy with the benefits of joining the group, they may even share your link and invite others to sign up. A brand needs to ask this or give an incentive for their members to take such action.

Facebook Group for Feedback and Research

Its typical for businesses to post products all the time and expect results. They forget that social media main purpose is for socializing. People are there to communicate with people. Businesses must realise that Facebook is a communication tool. Businesses need to also ‘speak’ with their fans and customers.

It’s so useful to get feedback from fans for an idea or product. It is so valuable to get a response of what their fans think about their product or service. It’s the best way to improve their image, products and sales.

Business cannot really improve without feedback from customers. Customers buy their products and know firsthand if the product is good. People might even comment on which competitor’s product features they like. This gives precious insights.

There is a long-term benefit and less risk when business listens to consumers. Further benefits of communicating with customers is that business may even get product feature ideas! Peoples feedback can reduce the time and money spent on new products market research.