All businesses must use internet marketing to grow their company. It is cheap and gets results since it’s a measurable and targeted solution. Offline marketing still has its strengths, but all business are becoming more online.

Social media marketing allows access to a wider audience worldwide. It is now easier than before for a small business to access and get fast and effective results.

Facebook business pages are a very powerful Facebook feature, and it is free. Thus, no company can ignore Facebook pages since almost all companies use it. Facebook internet marketing features are very powerful.

What is Facebook Pages for Business?

Facebook pages are like a profile page, although more business oriented. The difference is in business profiling and promotional features. Facebook pages offer great advantages through its powerful adverting features. Everyone must also pay great attention in the very effective ReMarketing ads feature.

A Facebook business page offers an excellent channel to present and expand a brand. Business can do branding, promotion and have direct communication with people. Interaction with people builds a better relationship between a company and customers. Also, Facebook page features help a lot to increase the number of customers and sales.

How to use a Facebook Page?

On a Facebook Page a user can add business contact details, logo, product images with text and videos. A post creation with a professional image and message will attract a Facebook audience.

If they like the content, then they will interact. Interaction is in the form of like, comment, sharing or becoming a follower. Facebook page owners should take advantage of also interacting with people. They can respond to questions or ask people for feedback.

The next stage is to learn how to set Facebook campaigns for advertising. Ads can be the promotion of a successful post, product or video. The benefit can be subscriptions, giveaways, followers increase or sales.

Extra Facebook Pages Benefits

-No followers limit
-No manual approval per new follower
-Any Facebook user can see a page profile and posts.

Facebook Page Strategy

Establishing a strategy with goals and time plan is crucial for every business action. The following is a small basic set to begin with:

  • Promotion of products and services. Promotion is the core strategy that gets profitable results. Posts with new products, exclusive offers and discounts attract Facebook users attention. This will increase a brands audience interest. It offers also the possibility to reach news customers. Posts appear on followers newsfeed. When they interact, you should do the same. Take advantage of such an opportunity.
  • Post Frequency. Publish non stop, one post per day max and take Sunday off. That will increase and maintain your Facebook page visibility and engagement.
  • Post content. Build or enhance good relationships. Part of a business page growth depends of the number of followers. Increasing followers is not easy. Get the attention of audience by providing valuable post content. Content that works in Facebook is offers, vouchers, discounts and free stuff in return for a sign up. Competitions/contests is another type of popular action to get a lot of subscribers. Subscribers emails use with email marketing can bring excellent results.
  • Get feedback. Don’t be shy communicating with people. Ask them politely their opinion about your post, product or if they want more information. Business spend a lot of money on surveys to get feedback to improve their products and services. You can do that for free and in a more personal way. This builds loyal followers and customers, if they feel that you help them. If they ask then engage, if not then find the right moment to start a discussion. By starting a discussion, you will understand better your audience and their needs.
  • Push successful posts with ads. Making one post successful is not easy and never guaranteed. Once you get more post likes and comments on a profitable product, then promote it with Facebook Ads. If they like your post, then they will respond to an ad. Success then depends on A/B testing variations of an ad. If you have a website, then drive them to your product page. Make also a Facebook remarketing campaign to display an ad variation to them with discount. Remarketing ads appear within Facebook. Research competitors, use your imagination, test, repeat and improve. Don’t spend more than 1$/day until you start getting sales.
  • SEO for organic reach. Use SEO keywords, phrases and backlinks related to your topic.

Facebook Page Success Expectations

Researching, planning and applying a strategy, benefits in several ways:

  • Sales increase. With 2.5 billion active Facebook users the potential is incredible. Almost everyone around the world has a Facebook account. Breaking news and products of unique value may become viral in seconds. Always provide a website link for products and track clicks with Bitly. This way you can measure and examine audience behavior and source.
  • Visibility. Business pages rank well since Facebook assist that. They make money from Facebook page advertisers! A SEO optimized page and content increases ranking.
  • Followers Increase. When users likes or comment a post, then their friends will see that post on their feed. That may result in getting new followers.
  • What Customers Like. There are plenty of ways of understanding what your customers like, don’t like or need. Check their behavior, ask them or check Facebook insights of your posts. Once you get a considerable amount of followers, you can then get enough insight statistics. The statistics contain demographic information like age, gender, location and language. Statistics contain also information to decide what is the best time and day to do posting.