Blogging and Grammar nightmares?

It is not easy even for professionals to make 100% correct grammar. Luckily for blogging, there are online grammar tools available to solve our problems. Non-English writers, bloggers and even professionals use them.

Grammar is a group of rules for proper words and phrases composition. Grammar rules are syntax and morphology. Grammar allows us to communicate in a way to understand each other. Without it, we would use our imagination to figure out the meaning of a sentence.

Understanding English grammar is important for everybody who needs to get a good viewpoint of the English language. When we speak or listen English, it is the grammar allowing us good communication and understanding one another. With grammar, words are linked together in a way to form ideas and sentences.

It is critical for book and kindle authors to be excellent in grammar.

Types of Grammar

There are two types of grammar and both are in use.

  • Prescriptive. English teachers prefer the prescriptive grammar to educate non-native speakers. They use a standard form of English to reduce confusion among students. Prescriptive grammar focuses at speech rules provided from credible sources like academics. There is a set of precise rules for consideration in such case. Fewer linguists now follow a prescriptive grammar approach.
  • Descriptive. Descriptive grammar focuses on language. They set the decision of grammar on a sentence on the rules of a speech group.