Website success depends on internet marketing efforts to provide quality articles/products and get as much as possible quality visitors. It is repeated again and again that content is king. If an article is of high quality, the readers will naturally share it. The quickest way to get traffic is to get your website/post link, in websites that already have high traffic. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is necessary since it will slowly provide most of the traffic in the long term, without spending much time or money on traffic making.

Social media can bring immediate traffic, but you need to have thousands of followers unless you make a viral post (content is king). Additionally, 95% of visitors will never come back and therefore you need to convert as many as possible into email subscribers. Bear in mind that only 25% of the blogs worldwide have over 100 visits/day (so don’t expect miracles unless you work constantly and methodically). Below you will find a practical list of most popular and realistic methods to increase traffic:


Increasing your search rank in search engines (google, yahoo) can be done with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is a huge topic but most important parts are:
Submit your website sitemap in Google Webmaster and check if it is indexed. Use Google Webmaster Fetch to test if Google can render your site correctly.

On Page SEO: Include very carefully selected keywords in the title, meta description, image alt tag and repeat them in the article just a few times. Google uses automatic programs to ‘read’ what your post is about and calculates keywords significance to understand what to rank in search engine results.

Off Page SEO: Having links from other high authority websites pointing to your website/blog post will give strong signals to Google that your website is important and will increase your ranking.

If the readers stay longer in your article and read more pages, then Google will acknowledge your website as interesting and will increase ranking. Test your website with online tools like and to understand where your site needs improvements.

Post Content

It’s not all about getting traffic but it’s also about converting visitors into subscribers and making income. That can only be achieved with high-quality posts. Creating an irresistible article title will increase the click rate from google search results, thus traffic. Read How to Write Magnetic Headlines-by An amazing, well-researched article will attract naturally shares and comments and further traffic (without doing anything). Quality content as stated by Google: Google SEO Starter Guide
If the post is about a unique topic with low competition, then even better. Ultimately, you may occasionally spend days making a few most remarkable and helpful post than anyone else. Include several images and graphs as it will attract readers attention and engagement. Utilise headers, bullet points, short paragraphs, correct grammar will good readability. Posts with more than 1.500 words get more traffic due to SEO since they contain more keywords (and combinations of keywords). Link out to quality, relevant resources in every post to provide credibility. That will also show Google that your page is a Hilltop Hub and will increase your post ranking. Pay 5$ to online freelancers ( that will proofread your post and make it even more attractive.


Link to your other posts from within the post so that readers stay longer and increase the chance of sharing your posts. Link to influential relevant bloggers posts as a reference of proof that what you write and then email them to let them know you linked them. If they like your article they might share it with their followers resulting in a lot of traffic. Ask their opinion about your post or help them with contributing information and they might help you (although they have too little time available). Answer reader’s questions on post comments to increase their loyalty and retention which can also have more positive impression to other readers. Ask experts to contribute advice to your article. Build relationships with blogger can enhance your work and audience. Use tools like to find who mentions you in the web and respond by thanking them or take advantage of the opportunity.

Social Media

Social media are easy and quick to setup. Use them to obtain an audience and to make interesting posts so that you get them back to your site. The more followers you get the more traffic to your site. The more amazing a post is, the more the visitors (but without followers it might be pointless). If your social post gets shared then the social friends of your followers will see it and that could result in a lot of traffic (if your post is very interesting).

Social media shouldn’t be used only to promote your posts but as well other very interesting posts from experts to maintain your followers interest. Use Social media to built relationships. Include attractive images with text to get people’s attention. Find free stock images from sites like with ‘Free for Commercial Use’ license. Use to import those images to add a professional looking text (title) on top. Images must be of correct dimensions (every social media channel recommends specific images dimensions).

You must add in your social media account your website link. Include in the description your bio and information that will increase your credibility (experience, degrees, customer names). Use SEO keywords in the description (for organic reach). Link from one social media account, your other social media accounts.
Below you will find most important social media channels and how to use them.


Use tools to increase your Twitter followers (there is no other way to jump start your traffic). After you get a few thousand relevant followers then start posting (tweeting) more often. Tweet/post 5 times maximum per day). The lifetime of a tweet is about 18 minutes. Click the ReTweet button of influencers twitter post to post it to your twitter feed (that will attract the interest of both readers and influencers). When you make a tweet, include 2-3 #hashtags relevant to your post topic (use to find relevant hashtags).

You can include an influencers name or case study link as a reference in your blog post and then make a tweet including influencers name as a hashtag (@influencersname). That will draw their attention since they use online tools ( that track their names/hashtags mentioning. If they find your blog post interesting, they might reshare it (retweet) to their twitter feed and their followers will see that and will receive visits to your blog post. Use yourself also ‘mention’ tools (including Google Alerts) so that if someone mentions your name or website, then you will get an email. Then engage with the one who mentioned you (by thanking them for sharing).

After 1 month you can post once more the same old post with different image and text to attract some more traffic. Use Twitter statistics or to track your follower growth, tweet engagement and tweet clicks. In ‘Google Analytics>Acquisition>Channels>Social’ you can see how many visits you got, how long they stayed on your website and what is the bounce rate. Study statistics results, improve and repeat.


Facebook is powerful in many ways and with the advantage of highly targeted ads to get traffic and subscribers. Unfortunately, it is essential to keep paying to get followers and traffic. Facebook is a casual place where you must mix promotional posts with entertaining or informative posts to avoid giving the impression that you try to push sales. If you use Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, go in your post and in the Yoast SEO section, click the ‘sharing blue icon’ and in the ‘Facebook Image’ insert your blog post image with 1200X630 pixels. When this blog post is shared, then this image will be uploaded in the Facebook post with a perfect fit. Convert your post in presentation slides and upload it directly to Facebook. A Facebook video vs Facebook post can get 10 times more engagement.

Facebook groups is another additional source of traffic. Find several relevant groups with more than 1000 followers each, engage in the beginning with useful comments and later on start occasionally promoting your blog posts in there.

To use Facebook ads, install Facebook pixel (tracking code) on your website. Spend 1$ on Facebook engagement ads to promote your blog post just to check response and then revise your ad targeting strategy. By inserting in the ads ‘Interests’ field a relevant keyword to select a specific Facebook topic, you will reduce the cost of ads. Use ReMarketing ads to get specific blog page visitors back again in your blog newsletter subscription page to get their emails or to make them your Facebook followers or to drive them back that specific blog post URL (to retry a sale by reminding them).

ReMarketing ads work well to get sales since they are highly targeted to people who have seen your blog post or a product page. Alternative targeted ads can be with ‘lookalike’ audiences. That means that you can make an audience list in Facebook that will track a specific blog post URL. After many visits in that URL, Facebook will create automatically a lookalike audience to expand the targeted audience and reduce ad cost.


Pinterest is also a free traffic generator and is easy and quick to setup. You need to use tools to increase your Pinterest followers to get you started. To setup, just add your logo, description with your website link, create a board and start creating posts (pining). Once you get thousands of followers start posting more often (1-5 posts per day). The ideal image size to post is 735 pixels in width and any size in height. Infographic images tend to do very well. In the future, you must consider setting up Rich Pins functionality.

You can use to search keywords relevant to your topic to find relevant Pinterest Group Boards. Then, follow these boards, contact Group Boards administrators, request an invitation and if accepted, then start pining also in those Group Board. Once you get thousands of followers and you insert a lot of pins, then start using the tool to loop the pins between normal boards and secret boards to increase engagement and traffic. is a popular an excellent tool for scheduling pins. Instead of pining one by one manually every day on specific times (to avoid loosing followers by overloading them with pins), you just spend an hour to load many pins together and schedule them. It’s important to know that mainly women use Pinterest.


Instagram is used mostly by young people and is another free website traffic maker. You should use tools to grow Instagram followers to get you started. The disadvantage with Instagram is that there is no possibility of linking your Instagram post with the blog post to drive them to that specific page. The only way is to drive them to your blog main page, with the link you insert in the description. To setup, just add your logo, description with your website link and in settings connect your other social media. Include up to 30 relevant hashtags in your post.


LinkedIn is mainly a social media to interconnect people related to business (and employment). The same principle applies like with other social media (making posts, getting followers, interacting with communities). Learn more on Sumo’s Guide to Get More Traffic from LinkedIn


YouTube and in general videos are more powerful than post and a great traffic provider. They can be used as a business/product showcase or presentation of a blog post in the form of slides. You can make teaser videos that attract curiosity to sent them to your blog post to get more information. Insert (embed) YouTube video into your blog post to increase the value of your post and to get visitors to learn about your YouTube channel. To setup, just insert logo, header image and add your other social media links. Add your company/blog description quite analytically using specific seo keywords (including of course your website link).
Convert your post to videos in the form of presentation slides including preferably voice over (or get a Fiverr freelancer to do it for 5$). Include also a standard free YouTube background music (not loud to distract them). It’s very important to add portions of your post text in the YouTube video description, including a link to your blog post to get them to your site. A long description will help a lot to that your video will rank higher in the YouTube search results.

At the end of your YouTube video add annotations as a call to action, to prompt them to subscribe to your YouTube channel or blog or to read your blog post. An alternative to slides is animated & whiteboard presentation videos with service. Use to promote your videos. To make screen capturing tutorials use Jing or Read also Gary Vaynerchuk YouTube Success Story

Alternative Video Channels: You can also post/upload your video’s to other video hosting sites like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

BackLinks from Directories

A quick way to increase your website significance to the ‘eyes’ of Google, is to submit your website to high-quality directories.

Submit Blog Post to Popular Blogs and News Sites

The following are websites to which you can submit your blog post and may get quite some traffic for a highly useful article. It’s preferable to submit an altered or smaller version of your blog post for SEO reasons (if Google finds the same or similar post both in your blog and other websites, then Google algorithm will ‘decide’ which post is better to appear in Google search results). It’s preferable to include at the end of your post your website link to get clicks and therefore visits. To setup with these websites, complete registration, blog description, website link and add your social media channels.

  • – Most popular articles submission directory.
  • – It takes 5 seconds to submit a post link.
  • – Online marketing, business
  • – High traffic site
  • – News and information about social and digital marketing. They don’t accept promotional or commercial posts.
  •, – Blogging Communities
  • – Small and online business news, content marketing
  • – Internet marketing content and products
  • – About news and social network
  • – For WordPress related articles
  • – For web designers and developers
  • – Articles about International technology news, business & culture
  • – Food Articles
  • – Includes posts even from New York Times and the Washington Post.
  • – Powerful site to get high traffic. They don’t seem to accept political, commercial, or promotional articles.
  •, – High traffic sites

Additional idea: Contribute to Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Lifehacker, The Verge

Other Sites to Submit Post:,,,,,,,,,
Read also Guide on How To Get Featured on Large Publications

Submit Post to Social Exchange Site

These are communities sites where you submit your post, follow relevant people to be followed back, share their articles to your social media to get points so that they share your articles in their social media. It’s a win-win situation. Some sites allow RSS feed submitting.

  • (very popular). Share your post by simply pasting your blog post url, selecting target topic and inserting relevant tags.
  • It’s like a social game where you get points by sharing and finally to be known between EmpireAvenue participants.
  • Others:,,,, (paid)


Register in StumbleUpon, login, go to you profile, click ‘Add a Page’ and add your blog post link. StumbleUpon recommends submitted posts to its users who rate them. The more rating the more views a post will receive, resulting in traffic back to your site. Use StumbleUpon Toolbar to click its ‘Stumble!’ button to open an arbitrary web page (post), read it and rate it positively. This way you give the impression that you are engaging instead of just submitting only your own posts (spamming=banning?). Learn more about StumbleUpon by KissMetrics

StumbleUpon Ads is their advertisement service that you can use to boost your submitted post to see people’s reaction. Learn more with a StumbleUpon Ads Case study

Q/A Sites

In Question and Answer sites, the users that make questions and other users answer them. Everybody has a question! It’s a perfect place to answer in a way to provide value and obtain recognition, authority, followers and eventually place an occasional link to get traffic to your site.

There might be many answers per question by many users.  If users like an answer, then they will click its ‘UpVote’ (like) button and so the answer will go up in the list of answers, gaining more views, increasing authority and traffic to your site. Their control panel also keeps statistics to see how many viewed your answer, the number of shares and number of UpVotes. Complete your Quora profile and connect your social media accounts to boost your authority. Read Quora Guidelines for a better understanding of what to do and what not to do as part of Quora community. Read also Kissmetrics-Marketer’s Guide to Quora for more information.

Other Q/A sites:,,,,,,,,


Forums are very important since they can provide instant excessive traffic. In forums, you mainly interact by making useful comments. If over promotional, forum administrators will cancel your subscription (ban) and you will loose a powerful community for interaction. Some forums allow also the submission of a post (but read first their guidelines). Start engaging with forum members and after some time, include your signature with your website link to start getting traffic. Find a forum subcategory related to your post topic and start engaging with members and contribute. Provide or ask for help. Find out more with Guide On How To Use Online Forums To Promote Your Website by ShoutMeLoud .

Reddit can provide extreme traffic but members behaviour is particular. It has a similar functionality like Quora where your comments can by UpVoted by Reddit users. The more upvotes the more traffic you get. Submitting your posts to Reddit also works well.  Start using it only when you make more research about Reddit. Read How Eddy Azar went from 41 visitors to 10.000 Visitors with Reddit by Sumo.

Other forums to consider:

  • – Digital Marketing and Marketplace
  • – Internet Marketing
  • – Marketing, Business, Design, Webmaster Community
  • Wickedfire. – Affiliate Marketing


Having relevant comments on your posts will assist from SEO side to increase organic traffic. Quality comments may attract more good comments and more possibilities of post sharing.
Making relevant and useful comments on other blogs/forums/news sites is a typical blogger tactic to bring traffic. The more popular the blog the more traffic you will get. You get the traffic of course if you include your website/post link in those comments. Your comment may be rejected if inappropriate or too promotional. Making a comment that will contribute to the topic of the blog owner might result with a link to that blog that has a relevant post providing more traffic.

It’s a good idea to subscribe to popular relevant blogs so that when a new article is made, then you can be the first to make a comment to get a better traffic result. If the blog allows the DoFollow linking, then that will result with a backlink to your site that may improve your search rank and therefore traffic (of blog’s page authority is high). To find out page/domain authority, you can install MozBar for Chrome browser, register and login to it, click the ‘M’ MozBar button to activate it and you will see a ‘PA’,’DA’ value. These values represent the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). If higher than 50 then that means a high page authority. Read more on Blog Commenting Case Study.

Guest posts

A guest post is about making a post that will be posted in another blog. A guest post can bring a lot of long-term targeted traffic but it must be of high quality to be accepted. If it is an amazing post placed in a very high traffic site, then it can bring you loads of traffic. Some blogs offer the ‘Guest Post’ link or else you have to contact them. You have to find a blog with high traffic to maximise the traffic benefit. Make sure they include your website/blog post link in your guest post. In the guest post use your smiling picture and full name to create a better impression. Learn more about  Guest Posting Case Studies.

RePurposing Posts

Modifying (repurposing) your post to submit it in other sites is recommended since you expand the possibility of getting more traffic from other established channels. You can repurpose your new or old post in pdf, kindle eBook, presentation, slides, infographics, live video with voice, animated video and podcast (only voice). In those channels, you can build additional relevant followers, participate in communities and increase more and more your traffic gradually with every repurposed post. The easy way (and professional way) can be to pay someone to do that for your (outsourcing). There are many online services like Fiverr that can do that for 5$ or more advanced services like Learn more with Ways to RePurpose your Post by BufferApp.

RePurpose for SlideShare is of the top 100 most visited websites, with 60 million readers and is the World’s Largest Community to share presentations. That means a lot of traffic. Get an idea of what a SlideShare is by looking at Josh Steimle Slideshare Page and click the ‘play’ button to see the slides. You will observe that he has followers, a number of slides submitted and has connected his social media channels, including his description. You can do the same also and engage with Slideshare community to expand your reach. Make free slides with Google Slides Tool. Read also the 0-243K Views Case Study of Ana Hoffman

RePurpsose for Document Sharing Sites
Convert Your Blog Posts into pdf/document with or and submit is to sharing sites like: Perhaps the world’s largest digital library. They present your post to its reader for free or to paid subscribers.  Similar features like Scribd but also with content curation and with social sharing abilities. They also supply promotion service (CPC) in case you want to sell your eBooks through them.

Other sharing sites are:,,,,

RePurpose for Podcast

Convert your post text in voice with a microphone. Use free audio software and ‘speak’ your post on a microphone. Use its features to level sound and remove hissing noise and save it in mp3. Alternatively get paid service from Fiverr for 5$ to make the podcast professionally. Then uploaded it sharing sites like Apple Itunes,,, Read a Podcast Case Study.

RePurpose for Infographics

RePurpose your post into infographics to provide a more visual and much more engaging content. Infographics appeal more than written text. Take advantage of infographics images, to use them also on Pinterest (they are more appealing than plain images). Understand better of what infographics are with Neil Patel’s Infographics Samples and click each one to see the relevant post with the infographics pictures. Sites to submit infographics are,

RePurpose as Kindle eBooks
Convert your post into a Kindle eBook, including your website link and upload it to Amazon’s Kindle service. There are millions of kindle eBook readers and you can get a large exposure and traffic.
You can even sell your eBooks on Amazon! Read more about How to Publish a Kindle ebook on Amazon


Whenever you publish a post in your blog, use pinging free services to notify certain search engines of your new post. That can result in updating their listings and including your new content which could result in more traffic. You just include your blog URL and click a button. That’s it! Pinging services are:,,,,


Provide multiple ways of getting your post shared across most important networks. If someone shares your post then their followers will also see it. If your post is amazing then people will naturally want to share it. Including a ‘Please Share It’ call to action, can help even more.

  • Use WordPress floating sharing bars like Cresta WordPress Plugin (free) or Sumo Social Share Plugin (paid) so that your visitors can have the ability to share your blog post. There are many more Sharing WordPress Plugins to do that.
  • Install Pinterest Pin button code to prompt readers to share post image. When people place the mouse cursor on top of an image, then automatically a red button appears and they can click it and save the image with the post link to their Pinterest account (and their followers will see that pin).
  • Use to include a popular quote that can be shared with a click on its tweet button. You can also try to use a quote from an influencer including his/her tweeter name (ie @influencersusername) to attract their attention since they use tools that will inform them when their name is mentioned somewhere. If your post is interesting then they might share it with their followers. Read more on How to Use ClickToTweet.
  • Use to create a shortened link and button for your tweet.
  • In the end of your newsletter add your website link and social media to allow more sharing and following possibilities.


The first thing that every website owner must do is to have a subscription box to get visitors emails. 95% of visitor will never return back so must grab the opportunity to get visitors emails. Your subscribers can become your most precious and passionate fans and then customers. Even if your organic traffic is affected by Google Pandas and Penguins, you won’t lose your subscribers.
Visitors will subscribe if your articles are very interesting or if provided with freebies (free samples, free pdf files with guides, solution, case studies).
Great competitions, sweepstakes, contests and giveaways can produce also a lot of subscribers (and traffic). Use to create Quiz and encourage readers to share results. You can even ask a company by email to provide a free or discounted physical or digital product, in return for traffic or customer signups to them.
Use a window popup plugin that appears after 30-60 seconds to push politely a signup. Use to create a professional signature including your social media channels to get more emails and followers. Learn more about 6 Email List Case Studies.

Website Speed

Reduce the loading of your website down to 2-4 seconds. That will increase your search ranking and visitor retention time (but don’t waste days in that instead of content making and promotion). Find out what takes time your site’s loading by using tools like Pingdom, Gmetrix, Google Speed Tester. Google Speed Insights tool will give your information also about the speed of the mobile version of your site.
To improve website speed, reduce unnecessary WordPress plugins, remove non-important javascript code. Use WordPress performance plugins like WP-Sweep, WP-Optimize, WP Smush, Lazy Load. It’s recommended to make database backup through your hosting provider (phpMyAdmin option) before testing plugins. Consider a VPS server if you have a lot of traffic. Read Case Study on How Neil Patel Increased by 50% his Traffic by Reducing Loading Speed.

Mobile Friendly Website

There is growing number of people who use their mobiles to visit websites. Google ranks sites based on mobile friendliness. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly with Google Mobile-Friendly Test. Test also important website pages on android and iPhone devices. If your site is not mobile friendly, then you may install WordPress WPtouch Mobile plugin that works in many themes/templates to make your page mobile friendly.

Other Tools

Push Notifications can get you subscribers by popping a window on top of the website, asking visitors to join in your news list. It’s free to use for the first 500 subscribers. To obtain it, go to, register and copy their code found in ‘Code and Implementation’ to insert on our website. Then, if you use WordPress, you can install ‘Head and Footer Scripts Inserter’ plugin, clicks its ‘Settings’ link and paste the code in the section ‘You can use the fields below to add scripts to Head of your website.’

Business card, flyers, printed material

If you are targeting customers around our area, create a business card and even flyers with your website link and social media @username.

Paid Promotion

Even though ads are not a free traffic method, don’t underestimate or neglect their use. They can provide you with a Highly targeted traffic to convert them as fans and subscribers (later on, in future customers). It cost just 1$ per Ad, just to test how your post performs to then take further actions. Always include a call to action in the ads with a target website link (Check It, Buy Now, Learn more).
Facebooks Ads: With Facebook ads, you can narrow the audience by selecting the right topic/business keywords in the ‘Interests’ field and can narrow it even further by excluding some ‘Interests’ topics. You can even target the fans of competitor’s Facebook business pages to get their fans to like also your page. The great advantage of Facebook is targeting specific ages, men/women and cities (or countries). By targeting India’s audience, you can get a few hundreds of ‘likes’ cheaply, so that your Facebook page will start to look more ‘interesting’ (social proof).

Facebook allows to easily make variations of the same ads with different audience/interest. You have to test that simultaneously to see which ad variation will become cheaper. Facebook Remarketing ads are also powerful since they are displayed to your website visitors to ‘remind’ them what you provide (very effective).
Google Ads: Google AdWords has a powerful search ads capability to get you, only visitors that are searching the internet, for specific keywords. When you divide your AdWords campaign into multiple ads with specific groups of keywords leading to a specific website page, then that results in a highly targeted traffic. After making variations of Ads titles/descriptions within a group, you should finally keep the Ads with the highest Click Through Rate (CTR). You will notice in a few days, that the click is cheaper (CPC)! ReMarketing ads are also powerful to display a specific page/product based on the page they visited.
More ads solution to consider are: Twitter Ads, LinkedIn ads, Pinterest Ads (not valid in some countries), StumbleUpon Ads, Reddit Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads