This is a step by step guide/tutorial with images on how to install, setup, configure and use the free version of ‘Classic Editor’ WordPress plugin to replace the Gutenberg editor blocks style. Classic Editor is the best solution to add text editing flexibility to a WordPress website.

The ‘Classic Editor’ is of the most popular WordPress plugin. It is an official plugin served by WordPress company to enable the previous WordPress editor and the “Edit Post” view. It really helps to write and copy paste text mush faster.

It is in use by 5+ million active websites with 5 star rating reviews.

How to Install Classic Editor

To install, go to ‘Plugins > Add New’ and on the top right corner next to ‘Keyword’ type ‘Classic Editor’. Wait for the plugin to appear and then click its ‘Install Now’ button. Wait again until you see the its ‘Activate’ button and click it.

classic editor wordpress plugin how to install setup configure

After installation, go to Plugins and click the Classic Editor ‘Settings’ link.

classic editor wordpress plugin settings


Classic Editor vs Gutenberg (Block) Editor

classic editor wordpress plugin writting settings

The setting Default editor for all users : Classic Editor is the standard plugin functionality.

With this setting, when you edit the post, you can always see the URL permalink to quickly check its text to avoid URL naming SEO mistakes. Most importantly, you can edit the whole post text or copy-paste it to easily move around the text and paragraphs.

classic editor wordpress plugin post edit


Default editor for all users : Block Editor. This is the standard WordPress functionality.

With these setting,  the URL permalink is hidden. The biggest disadvantage is that each time your want to add a heading or another element, you have to click the + symbol (No1). Also, to move a paragraph you have to click the arrow symbol (No2). On top of that you can’t copy paste the text to an external editor or grammar checker. All these, slow the editing and writing process.

classic editor wordpress plugin post edit block editor


With the setting ‘ Allow users to switch editor: Yes’, when you hover on the posts, you get the ‘Edit’ (Block Editor) & ‘Edit’ (Classic Editor) view. This gives the flexibility to select the default WordPress Gutenberg Block editor or the Classic Editor functionality of this plugin.

classic editor wordpress plugin allow users switch editors

classic editor wordpress plugin edit block editor


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