This is a step by step guide/tutorial with images on how to install, setup, configure and use the free version of ‘Contact Form 7’ WordPress plugin.

The ‘Contact Form 7’ is the most popular WordPress plugin to setup and create one or multiple customisable contact forms for your WordPress website or blog. You can create simple and advanced contact forms. Contact Form 7 is in use by 5+ million active websites with 4 star rating reviews.

How to Install Contact Form 7

To install, go to ‘Plugins > Add New’ and on the top right corner next to ‘Keyword’ type ‘Contact Form 7’. Wait for the plugin to appear and then click its ‘Install Now’ button. Wait again until you see the its ‘Activate’ button and click it.

how to install contact form 7 wordpress plugin

How to Edit Contact Form 7 Settings

In the WordPress left side menu click ‘Contact’. In the next window hover your mouse over to the entry Contact Form so that you get the link ‘Edit’ visible and click ‘Edit’.

settings contact form 7 wordpress plugin

How to Change Contact Form 7 Fields

Then you will see the default contact form code, as shown below. These are the input contact form fields that a person must complete to send you a text message. If you wish them to input also their website address, then click the ‘URL’ form-tag button which will open a new window and can also tick the ‘Required field’ to make it a compulsory field. Then click ‘Insert Tag’.

If you add a form-tag like ‘URL’, make sure you wrap around it with the text <label> Your Tag Title [url* url-722] </label>. You need to copy paste the text ‘<label>…</label>’‘ manually. Rearrange text entry manually and then click ‘Save’.

editing form tags template contact form 7

How to Check Contact Form 7 Email Fields

In the tab ‘Mail’ you need to check if your email is correct in the field ‘To’. In the field ‘From’ enter: [your-name].  In the filed ‘Subject’ enter: “[your-subject]”.  If you used the ‘URL’ Tag Title [url* url-722] in the tab ‘Form’, then you need to enter it in the message body. All these fields (To, From, Subject) are typed by the person who will sent you the text message from the contact form.editing form fields mail contact form 7

How to Create a Contact Form Page

The final step is to copy the ‘Shortcode’ on the default ‘Contact Form 1’. It will look like this:

[contact-form-7 id=”19″ title=”Contact form 1″]

shortcode copy paste in page post contact form 7


You then have to create a page, name it ‘Contact Form’ and paste the Shortcode there and click ‘Publish’. Next step is to add the page in the menu so that it is visible to every website visitor. Do that from the menu ‘Appearance > Menu’, find the page/post named ‘Contact Form’, click ‘Add Menu’, ‘Save menu’.

contact form 7 shortcode copy paste in page

The new website page called ‘Contact Form’ will look like this:

11 contact form 7 in menu

Final Very Important Details to Fix Potential Problems

Congratulations. You made it. If you test the contact form and you are not receiving emails due that the contact form is not working, then check your email server settings in WordPress menu ‘Settings > Writting’. If still you have problems, then use the WordPress plugin WP Mail SMTP (1 million WordPress users use it for this reason…).

This plugin uses the method of sending emails with the SMTP protocol instead of PHP. In the WP Mail SMTP setting enter your email servers email settings (ask your domain/email package provider to help you if you don’t know what that is).

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