Instagram marketing is a promotion of products and services. These actions take place within the Instagram social network. Instagram marketing is another effective internet marketing method. Read on to learn what is Instagram marketing and how to apply it.

Instagram Important Statistics 2020

  • Instagram has 1 billion active users per month
  • It’s 18 to 35 years old users share millions of photos and videos every day.
  • 50% of its users interact with Instagram stories (paid ads) every day
  • 5% of businesses have an Instagram account
  • Users interact with businesses profiles and websites
  • Interaction method with likes, messages, calls or website visits
  • 70% of users discovered a new product through its network
  • Businesses post 5 times per day

Instagram is a unique photo-sharing application. Interaction happens through an Android or Apple mobile Apps. There are fewer Instagram features when using through a PC. It provides a visual method of products promotion. So, photos are the main engaging content.

Every business needs to have an Instagram account. It’s a free promotional method. If your target market audience of 18-35, then you can’t ignore this social network. Once you create your account, link it to your Facebook account. This way it becomes a business account.

Instagram Marketing Goals

Instagram marketing goals set up are important for success. Businesses usually create an account, make a few posts and then quit. Businesses need to set long term goals and a method to succeed. Some goals are:

  • Social Following
  • Brand Awareness
  • Subscriptions
  • Website Visits
  • Products Sales

Businesses don’t always focus on direct Instagram sales. They use Instagram to get brand awareness first. Then they work in getting followers and interaction. Then, their focus on website traffic or subscribers. A tempting offer provides this benefit. The goal is to make them customers and increase sales.

A social accounts high followers count is very important. That translates into more interactions producing likes, comments and shares. Thus, subscriptions and sales.

It’s good to know that a small percentage of your account’s followers will see your posts. A more immediate and targetted result comes from Instagram stories ads. Ads of course cost while organic reach is free.

Instagram marketing is an important and recommended part of businesses marketing actions. It seems that it is becoming more profitable than Facebook. You need to define an Instagram marketing method, time plan and start interacting.

Post every day, use proper hashtags and an attractive call to action message. Use Instagram ads to promote successful posts. Study Instagram and website analytics to measure post success. Observe which posts were attractive and produced website visits. Check your competitor’s Instagram account and get ideas. Test, revise and improve every day.