Instagram is a growing social network. Instagram Stories has been a new feature addition since 2016. This feature provides a powerful potential for Instagram users and marketers. Instagram Stories expands the possibility of increasing audience trust and influence.

Instagram Importance

There are several social networks that provide a free method of promotion. Instagram is also another one that is growing to become the most effective promotional network.

Instagram is not only impressive for its high amount of users. It offers high engagement since ‘a picture tells a thousand words’. The easiness of adding image filter effects also boosts further a post’s uniqueness.

Businesses now spend a lot of money on Instagram and also to its influencers. This also opens a new possibility for people to manage accounts as full-time work. That gives even more power to Instagram as a social network.

Instagram in Numbers

Although Facebook is popular, Instagram already has 1 billion viewers per month! They share +100 million photos and videos per month. No one can ignore its power.

Instagram is gaining more and more advertisers, since it provides a higher engagement than any other social platform. Statistics report an impressive 18 times more engagement than other social platforms.

Instagram is also an excellent platform to reach women. This gives an advantage for women’s products promotion. Women follow brands they like and respond to their messages and discounts.

Instagram Features

Instagram started in 2010 as a mobile application. It focuses on easily uploading a photo to present it artistically. These features include cropping, filtering, adding text and hashtags. Audience interaction is in the form of likes, shares, and comments although a post link is not possible, except on Instagram Stories….
Instagram became so important that in 2012 Facebook purchased Instagram for 1m$. Further development came in 2013 when Instagram introduced the video sharing feature. This feature allows users to record and share their videos. Later on, new features came along like photo brightness, contrast, saturation and more image processing features.
Instagram Direct 2013 feature addition gave users the ability to send photos directly to other users. Another feature in 2015 allowed ‘Instant Messaging’ to share many photos at the same time.
Then, Instagram Stories feature came and gave a unique advantage.

What is Instagram Stories

They added Instagram Stories on 2016 that became the most important feature. Instagram Stories allows the addition of images, videos but with a lifetime of 24 hours.

Stories functionality also includes the uploading of live stream videos. This form of video remains online only for 1 hour. After that 1 hour, they disappear completely.

Instagram Stories Benefits

Instagram stories give marketers a unique advantage versus other Instagram features:

  • They appear within circles on feed’s top. This draws more audience attention and increases engagement.
  • Stories are more effective since they can link on live content. Nowadays, there is a high demand for live content.
  • Live streaming video give marketers, an immediate both ways interaction with the audience through comments.

Instagram Stories Live Streaming

After 2015, live streaming service came along like Periscope, Facebook Watch and SnapChat. They offered live streaming videos features to users. Such a feature is to watch peoples live video based on map location.

Live video allows immediate interaction with platform users to a more personal level. Users and video publishers fruitful interaction occurs with comments.

Live videos benefit is the presentation of an idea, company or product and getting instant interaction. Interaction can translate into questions, feedback, subscriptions and sales.

Their use of live texting with fans and customers can take the interaction to a new level. That can also give a viral effect of great proportions.
People enjoy being part of a live event and share their opinion with a direct interaction with a brand or favorite persona. This is why Instagram Stories is so successful and marketers know that.

Getting Started with Instagram Stories

As with internet marketing, Instagram marketing requires a Value Proposition. The value proposition offers a unique value in solution to attract an audience and get their action. So, you need to influence the audience to respond positively to what you are presenting.

Let’s say you want to sell an ebook on how to get Instagram followers to their company. Instead of direct ebook selling, you are educating on the benefits of getting followers. First, you need to inform the audience on the benefits of getting followers. Then, analyse the details of each benefit. They have to understand, for example, that new followers can turn into loyal fans bringing likes and shares. You also need to persuade them why your solution is better than others. The purpose is to influence them that you are offering a solution that will bring them money. If you convince them, then they will spend money for that solution.

Instagram is a marketing channel to offer a value in a product to make an indirect sale. It is a channel to convert a typical product offering into an irresistible suggestion.