Internet marketing purpose is to get visitors to a website. These visits intention are for sales, subscriptions or even branding. Internet marketing is also named as online marketing, digital marketing, web marketing.

Marketing is about product/service, price, place and promotion (the 4P). Its purpose is to differentiate a product from the competition and promote it to get sales. That implies promoting your product with a convincing image, text, price and reason to buy it. There are 2 main types of marketing: Online marketing and offline marketing. Offline marketing involves printed material (magazines, newspapers, flyers, posting etc).

Internet marketing provides the advantage of measurable results. This is done with tracking software like google analytics. Thus you can re-adjust how much to spend on a particular online ads campaign.

Except for getting direct sales, you can create intelligent actions to get branding or subscriptions.

A website can be a WordPress blog or an eCommerce site. The marketing principles are applied a bit differently in both cases.

Internet Marketing Types

Some methods to maximize traffic to your website and visitor action results are:

There is too much work and time involved in planning your marketing actions. You may start spending your time with the following tips:

Internet Marketing Strategies

Website Design Marketing website design looks cheap then don’t expect a lot of results. Spending 50-100$ for a theme/template is very important. Make sure it’s responsive, fast with useful features. That will result in a better experience for the visitor and for yourself.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Once you apply SEO you then should progress in SEM (search engine marketing). There is a difference between SEM and SEO. Use SEO to get free no-cost website traffic. This is very important for blog owners who provide low-cost products/services. SEO is about using the right keywords, in the right places, with the right linking in your webpage. SEM is about paying to get your ads displayed within search engine results. SEM is a more profitable and targeted method, once your products are optimised.

Products Catalogues

This the method that can bring most sales to an eCommerce site with the lowest cost per sale.\r\n

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

This is a low-cost process but don\’t expect a lot of sales or traffic. Use it especially for branding. Create accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. Post daily good quality images with a call to action message. Don’t forget to include hashtags and a link to your webpage.

Social Media Marketing Networks

Social media marketing is through various platforms. Most important are:

Paid Ads Marketing (PPC)

Google AdWords

If your a product is of much value (to compensate the cost of the ad), then learning Google AdWords Search Ads. Get support from Google with their very helpful telephone support. Make sure your lower your ads CTR to lower the cost per click per keyword and use. Use only Exact Match keywords to start with. AdWords remarketing ads provide excellent results. AdWords Search ads, of course, will give the most sales.

Social Media Ads

If you make a post and there is good engagement, then spend 1$ in promoting that ad. Then check your ad cost versus sales.