LinkedIn marketing is about promoting products and services within its social network. LinkedIn is the world’s biggest free social network for professionals. LinkedIn marketing is another effective internet marketing method. Read on to learn what is LinkedIn marketing and how to use it.

LinkedIn Important Marketing Statistics 2020

  • 300 million active users per month in 200 countries
  • LinkedIn SlideShare now has 70 million monthly active users
  • 25-50 years old users
  • 60% male users and 40% female users
  • Half of its users are company managers earning $75,000 per year
  • 1/3 of millionaires use it
  • The best social network for content marketing
  • 1700+ words content with 8 images gets more shares
  • 90% of marketing professionals search & post high-quality content
  • 80% of business leads come from LinkedIn than other social networks
  • 20 million jobs offered in 50,000 professions
  • Platform available in 24 languages
  • LinkedIn Ads are more effective than other social networks
  • 25th most popular website in the world

LinkedIn Marketing Advantages

LinkedIn involves users of higher education and profession. They interact with them to find business solutions. LinkedIn isn’t only for recruiting between people. It is also powerful in organic B2B marketing. B2C comes second. Paid marketing, of course, is not disregarded at all.

LinkedIn is of a different philosophy than other social networks. It’s dedicated to professionals. Users use it for professional reasons. So, LinkedIn is the best network to market a business.

LinkedIn social profiles focus on highlighting career and business information. Such information includes work skills, job titles, history of employment and education, location. Profiles are set like resumes to find their ideal job. LinkedIn contacts are named ‘Connections’.

LinkedIn is an educational resource also. Business leaders use tools like ‘Groups’ to share knowledge and experience. These groups share some similarity with Facebook Groups. That makes LinkedIn a very important source of business information.

Their users focus on business-to-business (B2B) activities. They search for information about brands and solutions.

LinkedIn Company Pages Marketing Advantages

LinkedIn Company Pages are like Facebook Pages. This feature allows for brand establishment. This way, relevant followers and brand awareness is build through relevant content.

LinkedIn Advertisement Marketing Advantages

LinkedIn organic reach gives great marketing results. A targeted audience advertisement of product and services gives even more significant results. LinkedIn Ads dashboard has a ‘Campaign Manager’. It allows the creation, analysis and ads optimisation information.

LinkedIn Ads offers different forms of ads. There is ‘Sponsored Content’ ads to promote content in
LinkedIn feed. ‘Sponsored InMail’ ads promote personalized messages. ‘Text Ads’ is a pay-per-click (PPC) promotion.

LinkedIn Video Marketing Advantages

Video marketing in LinkedIn supports 10 minutes long video posts. Video posts get 20 times more sharing than other content. Video marketing is ideal for product events and launches.

LinkedIn Network Audience Marketing Advantages

LinkedIn Audience Network is a network of external websites displaying LinkedIn ads. In this way, advertisers can reach an audience present outside LinkedIn. Audience Network offers an incredible increase in clicks.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences Marketing Advantages

‘Matched Audiences’ is part of LinkedIn Ads. It gives advertisers 3 ads targeting types.

  • The first type is ‘Retargeting’ which displays an ad to your website’s visitors. This is a very targeted advertisement action since it’s displayed on people who ‘know you’.
  • The second type is ‘Account Targeting’ which displays an ad to specific user accounts.
  • The third type is ‘Contact Targeting’. They display ads to users with specific emails or information set in ‘Customer Relationship Management’ property.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms Marketing Advantages

Lead Generation Forms is the best method to get leads. It’s used by almost all LinkedIn B2B marketers.

The uniqueness of this is that users don’t need to sign up with a contact form. It only asks them to click the ‘Submit’ button. That action registers their information.

LinkedIn Marketing Conclusion

LinkedIn users have higher education and income than other social networks. They look all the time for new business opportunities. User accounts hold information like interests, history of education and profession and location. These features increase the efficiency of marketing results than other social media networks. You can get very good results easier in goals like brand awareness, gettings leads, getting website traffic.