Pay per click (PPC) advertising is of the most effective internet marketing methods. It provides immediate visitor conversion. It is also a the most targeted method to get customers. If someone clicks the ad, then there is a charge. If they don’t, you still get the benefits of brand exposure.

So, if you want to promote a specific profitable product/service, then that’s the best method.

PPC campaign ads provide absolute control. If an ads campaign group is not paying off, then you cut the cost per click (CPC). If it costs too much, then you pause the campaign and revise or improve the your product page.

To succeed in PPC marketing its all about CPC and use of specific keywords. Additionally you must make variations of ads to increase the click-through rate (CTR). To do so, you make variations of ads and keep the highest CTR ad. Lower the CPC cost by increasing ads CTR . On top of that you must use the right keywords and keywords types.

When an ad becomes profitable, then you can increase spending and thus visits and sales. That’s the beauty of it.

The sales effect is almost immediate versus search engine optimisation (SEO) traffic. SEO organic traffic is of lower quality and brings less sales. That applies especially to eCommerse websites.

SEO efforts take time from the search engines to get you in the first page (even months). But, SEO can bring a lot more free traffic and balance the amount of sales from both channels. SEO is not easy but essential.

PPC marketing is easy but needs some testing before getting stable long-term results. Profitable results depend also from the product and product page. Product image, price, description and delivery options are crucial in sales conversion.

PPC marketing solution to competition is long tail keywords phrases. Long tail keywords have 2-4 keywords.

Researching your competitors ads and keywords provides a faster and positive impact. It saves time and money. Using your competitors domain keyword is also a very profitable idea. That will bring of course much attention from the competitor.

When deciding the CPC cost, don’t go higher than competition since that will cost too much. Start with a high CPC cost and decrease CPC every few days. If you use AdWords, then focus in getting ads in the 2nd place. Then, review sales vs cost per ad, improve and continue testing.

If an ad and is successful it could be wise to use these keywords phrases in the page you promote! This way you recommended SEO keywords.

Another advantage of PPC marketing is to narrow the target audience by demographics. You can specify age, male/female, country/city. You can segment even down to days or hours of ads display. That creates a more targeted ad campaign with proving a higher ROI (Return Of Investment).

Succeed further by analysing ads performance with google analytics.

SEO traffic takes weeks or even years for news websites. No-one has time or financial resources to wait for sales.

People think it is hard to learn PPC marketing. There are plenty of video tutorials. Prefer the ones in dedicated tutorials websites like Udemy to avoid wasting precious time (and money!). They usually have good video tutorials.

Google AdWords also provides instant free telephone support. Can’t be better than that!