Pinterest marketing is about promoting products and services within its social network. Pinterest marketing is another effective internet marketing method. Read on to learn what is Pinterest marketing and how to apply it.

Pinterest Important Marketing Statistics 2020

  • 4th largest social network
  • 300 million monthly active users
  • 30% growth per year
  • 30-50 years old users
  • 70% of users are female
  • A Post (Pin) lifespan of weeks!
  • Drives 5% of all web traffic to websites
  • Users spend 14 minutes per login session
  • 30% more traffic to eCommerce sites than Facebook
  • Businesses create most Pins
  • All posts are images
  • Pinning between 10-100 times per day (10 is typical)
  • Popular categories: Technology, Food, Fashion

Pinterest Marketing Advantages

Pinterest is different from other social networks. First of all, a Pin (post) has a lifespan of weeks! It has SEO benefits since it can drive traffic from Google search results.

Pinterest Pins Marketing Advantage

Pin daily as many pins while not creating a negative impact on your followers. 10-30 is usual per day. Further promotion achievement happens with Pinning videos. Any user can find and see other users Pins. An important recommendation is to Pin other user’s Pins from their boards to your board. you need to Pin thousands of Pins to increase your account visibility.

Making a Pin viral is about a great image. Infographic images drive traffic to a content website. Product images drive traffic to an eCommerce website. Other ways to approach more audience is with contests & sweepstakes.

Pinterest Boards Marketing Advantage

The pins are placed in the so-called ‘Boards’. A board is like a category. For example, if pins are about marketing, then you name the board ‘Marketing’. Then you insert ‘marketing’ related pins in the marketing Board. Different subjects mean different boards.

You can Pin thousands of pins per board. A board needs relevant keyword insertion to give an important SEO benefit. Insert the title and description with enough relevant SEO keywords. Don’t forget to insert a link.

Pinterest allows the creation of secret boards. Saving many pins in secret boards and then moving (Repin) them to active boards, is helpful. This is very useful when using looping automation

Pinterest Repining Marketing Advantage

Repining is about ‘saving’ an existing Pin in a board. Repining is possible from your board or another account’s board. Creating a strong account means Pinning or RePining high performing pins. These can be your Pins or other’s relevant Pins. This will increase Pinterest audience interaction and following.

Pinterest Hashtags Marketing Advantage

Pinterest hashtags increase engagement. Their aim to tag a Pin to a category. A Pin about ‘blogs marketing’ needs a ‘#marketing #blogs’ hashtag. Users looking for such category can find them through the search function. If the search is about ‘marketing’, the results will contain Pins with those hashtags.

Converting your account to a business profile, will improving your Pinterest account visibility. Further improvement is by getting verification by Pinterest. That will set a checkmark on your account. The result is a positive visual influence for the audience.

Pinterest Automation and Image tools

Many users use automation tools like Tailwind. Pinterest automation is very important for Pinterest. Pinning and repining and deleting low performing Pins take far too much time. Tailwind provides functionality to find and remove low performing pins. That enhances visibility. Tailwind is a powerful and versatile Pin scheduling tool.

Canva is a great solution to create Infographics images which are ideal for blogs.


Pinterest is a free method of promotion. It’s an important way to drive a lot of traffic more easier than other social networks. Convert this traffic in subscriptions and sales. Pinterest is very powerful for eCommerce sites. Use automation to save a lot of time and improve marketing efforts.