Kindle ebooks can be read on the Amazon kindle device that is made and promoted by, allowing users to wirelessly find and read electronic form of books, newspapers, magazines. Amazon store has millions of Kindle ebooks available.

For anyone who wishes to sell an ebook, Amazon has 2 types of services for selling Kindle ebooks. One is Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and the other is KDP Select. With KDP select you cannot publish it elsewhere since KDP Select maintains full exclusivity (for at least 90 days) but they keep a smaller fee per sale. With KDP Select, you can provide your eBook for free for a few days or provide a discount with Amazons Countdown Deal to assist the promotion. You can further promote it through to their 2 million subscribers. For a fee, Bookhub will promote it even more.

You can even sell normal books with hardcover (to get extra sales since some people like only hardcover books), which Amazon prints when the order is done, through their company. All you need to do is to upload a pdf file based on their CreateSpace specifications. They also suggest you a start selling price. You don’t pay, they pay you a commission.

You don’t need to be a writer to publish and sell an ebook. You can start with a few thousand words ebook and end up to the ideal 12.000 words ebook (about 25 pages not including pictures). Amazon expects more than 3.000 words per ebook. If English is not your native language, you can anyhow use freelancers for a cost of $5 to check and correct your text with services like Fiverr ebook writing. They can even write a complete ebook for you.

To understand better what a kindle ebook is, what it looks like, to read it and to also research its Amazon reviews (to understand what readers like and what they don’t like), check Amazon’s Free Kindle Books, add one to cart and in next page, click the ‘Read Now in Kindle Cloud Reader’.

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You can learn a little on how to make a kindle ebook with free tutorial on Kindle eBook Publishing for Beginners.

To know what ebooks you should make, do a research of what ebooks are best sold in Amazon similar the subject you like, before you decide on what to write. It might not be a good idea to make an ebook for something that you like if there is no demand unless you make something original. Ebooks that help people to solve a problem or increase their income are mostly popular. In general, people have a high need for information about wealth, health and relationships.

When you decide what to write about, you could buy an ebook (if not available for free) with the best ratings, related to your subject. Read it, understand its structure, read its positive and negative reviews and then you will understand better what you need to do to make a good ebook. Instead of an ebook for a generally saturated subject, you should focus on a very specific field (ie, instead of ‘Business Marketing’ you can write about ‘Marketing for Freelance Photographers’). Prefer to write about something you like or are good at if you want to see success.

Be aware of copyright. Don’t copy-paste work of others. Use images free for commercial use or buy them.

The cover of the ebook is very important since that is the first impression a viewer gets. You can get your cover made with Ebook Cover Designers but first research Kindle Best Sellers to see what cover style will sell best for your content type.

To convert your Word document into a Kindle version, you can use Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing service. Other ebook formats supported are analysed in Amazon’s Supported Formats. To view kindle version you can use Kindle Previewer.

Once you publish your Kindle in the appropriate category of Amazon, then you could provide a link for a free read to friends, family and colleagues while asking them for honest reviews in the Amazon’s kindle page.

After publishing you need of course customers. Amazon will promote automatically your ebook and mostly when several sales start to happen. By that time you should promote your ebook link in social media, by emails or by driving people from your website to the Amazon’s page of your ebook. You may promote your Amazon ebook with websites included in 127 of the Top Book Promotion Sites.

You can find also step by step information for Kindle ebooks Amazon’s page Getting Started – Preparing Your Book.

Since Amazon has several website versions for some countries, to promote your ebook with its link, you may use the free service to produce links that sent people to the right Amazon version to be able to buy it.

Take a look also in Amazon Author Central Account to track sales, get author help, reach more readers.

Alternatively, to selling ebooks on Amazon, you could sell them through your website with services like In that case, you get the benefit of building a customer emails list and can promote again to them new ebooks without a cost. You customers will be your more loyal future fans. Of course, you have to consider taxes per country and legal issues of selling through your website.

You can use ebooks also as a promotion method to get readers to find out your website and offer them free stuff in return for their email (to sent later offers of your various digital products).

Before you make an ebook, you will save time and get better results if you spend time on an extensive research, plan a strategy on what/how to write and how to promote, before you start taking actions. Keep notes and links from the websites you visit. The more you research, the better the decision, the better the outcome.