If you want to freedom to define your sale price for your digital products (ebook, audio books, photography, graphics, music, software), instead of selling for a low profit per product through Specialised Ebook Online Marketplaces, you can utilise online services to which you upload your ebook in a pdf format. You can start selling ebooks immediately and get paid immediately, without waiting for confirmation of ebook suitability (you sell it as it is). Additionally, you get the option of thousands of intermediate people (affiliates) to promote your digital products for a commission. Another advantage is that you maintain the precious email list of your customers.


Clickbank.com is world’s largest affiliate product marketplace for digital products. They are like a payment processor accepting all credit cards for the purchase of products. What makes the big difference with other online services is that they have a network of 500,000 digital marketing experts in 190 countries that will promote your products (for a commission). Features include customer payment page, setting commissions for affiliates. You will need to make a website to include your products or to use another online service to host your digital products like E-Junkie.com that connects with ClickBank. Read this ClickBank’s Guidelines for preparation before launching with them. Registration to Clickbank costs $49.95.


E-Junkie charges on a monthly basis. You can upload pdf ebooks or other digital products to your E-Junkie account and use their special code snippet that you have to insert in your website. When a customer visits your website and ‘Adds to Cart’ the digital products they want, then the checkout/purchase is done on their page secured by GeoTrust RapidSSL and finally, the customer will receive automatically the digital products they purchased. They support also the sale of physical products. Their service supports automatic tax and shipping calculation (even EU tax), multiple currencies, inventory management, discounts, affiliate program to promote products, emails autoresponders, newsletter sending, sales tracking for customers, AdWords tracking, customisable thank you page.

E-Junkie ebook service provides an automatic protection for pdf ebooks so that when customers make the purchase, they will receive the pdf ebook with the sales ID on top-left of each page, to discourage customers from sharing their pdf ebooks. They support multiple payment options for your customers (PayPal Standard/Advanced/Pro/Payflow Pro/Payflow Link, 2CheckOut, Braintree, Authorize.Net, TrialPay). PayPal and 2CheckOut payments are certified. They provide a 1-week trial so that you can test their service.


Tradebit is 12 years in the market, with 2.500.000 customer, 45.000 sellers, 1.700.000 digital products (ebooks, music, graphics, video, web templates, software, license keys). The selling takes place on their website, your website and ebay.com. You get paid weekly to your Paypal account. They provide 100GB space. Their online video tutorials provide a more visual understanding.


With Payhip.com you upload your digital products (ebook, music, graphics, photography, music) in any format and customers can buy them directly from Payhip website with Paypal or credit card through the Stripe payment system. To get sales you have to promote yourself (social media, emails, affiliates) to drive customers to your product page in PayHip. They provide you with the ability that when someone makes a Tweet or Like to your product, then they get a discount. They charge a 5% commission when a sale is done and you get sales payment immediately. They take care also EU VAT for you. They provide some protection to your pdf ebook with customers email on top of the pdf, to discourage customers from sharing their pdf ebooks. Features include Google Analytics tracking, customisable product sales page, affiliate system, email updates to your customer for new releases/updates.


PayLoadz is an eCommerce service since 2002, for digital goods (eBooks, audio books, video, music, photos/images) selling and buying. They host 1.000.000 digital products with 100.000 downloads per month. Sales are supported in 190 countries, with 20 currencies. They provide also an affiliate marketing system for management and promotion to increase your sales. They have a dedicated section of PayLoadz Books Selling. They take care of customer payment through PayPal. They provide a free account (for minor sales per month) or premium account ($14.95/month) with unlimited storage and sales. They offer also a free 15-day trial. They charge about 3%+$0,29 per customer transaction. Your customers can pay with Credit or Debit cards and it supports eBay market. Features include free product downloads for customers, discounts and loyalty points system, no product limits, creation of product sample for your customer to review before buying.


In Click2Sell you upload your digital product, you get a ‘Buy Now’ button functionality for your website and additionally you can get affiliates to promote it. Your digital products can be ebooks, software, videos, photos, video courses. They offer to your customer payment methods with credit cards, Paypal, Skrill or Google Checkout. When a purchase is completed, you receive payments instantly to your Paypal, Google Checkout or Moneybookers account and you have control of customers refunds. You also get a pre-made page for affiliates to signup to promote your products. Thousands of affiliates can find and promote your products which will really assist to increase sales. You can pay affiliates on demand or automatically to their Paypal or Skrill accounts.