What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is the action of saving, organizing and sharing information with other people. Social bookmarking is also an easy way to kick start website traffic.

It has expanded fast because of the growing of internet communities. More and more people find websites to read news, learn and research information. Tracking and monitoring this activity is getting easier.

Search engines lead the sharing of information through keywords. This helps bloggers, marketers and businesses in several ways. Social networking sites now use several social bookmarking factors. So, users can gain even more by engaging people online through communities. It opens new networking funnels to marketers and businesses to analyses user’s behavior.

How to use Social Bookmarking Sites

People can use or save other people bookmarks and even add them to their own bookmarks collection. Bookmarks management tools allow even a subscription to other user’s bookmarks. Social bookmarking websites vary in features. Users can create a profile, set preferences and share information.

Bookmarking websites are available for use by anyone. This is useful to marketers since registration to them is easy. Once they have access, they can start instantly interaction and research.

Social bookmarking networks grow since it is easy to find and share information.  Searching with keywords is typical, even in specific topics. The more information available, the wider the selection of categories and subcategories. Digg.com is a perfect example of social bookmarking that is.

Users can interact with comments and ratings on posts, products, video content and podcasts.  There are a lot of topics, in some bookmarking websites but the more popular are on the main page. This is the page that interests marketers and business the most. It’s the right page to draw ideas and find out what people are looking for.

The more popular a bookmarking website, the more viewers are there. It give a greater potential to marketers to find which are the most popular. An example of a very popular bookmarking website is Digg.com. They have millions of readers.

An article on Digg’s front page front page will attract thousands of views. The marketing potential is incredible but achieving that takes time and effort. The typical rule of unique content also applies for Digg. Only the most interesting articles appear on the front page. Article voting in these platforms is the game changer.

Users Bookmarking Page Engagement

Users and consumers create social bookmarking profile to save interesting information and products. They don’t just save but also share to ask for opinions or to promote. The more in depth a profile is, the more identity it gets and that can influence other users. This is helpful for marketers who can:

  • Do branding
  • Learn about the latest trends
  • Find competitor products users like and why
  • Inform on new competitor products
  • Promote their brand’s products
  • Interact and get feedback from users
  • Learn what the user’s friends say and like

Bookmarking Sites Profile and Identity Building

Creating a profile in social bookmarking sites is straightforward. Set a username, image or logo. Adjust preferences like notifications and other helpful features. Adding bookmarks is the next stage. Some sites allow even categorising their bookmarks per topic. These are the first steps of using the advantages of social bookmarking. Next step is to start engaging with its community.

  • Members rank up depending on their contribution by:
  • Number of fans
  • Articles commenting
  • Products reviewing
  • Participation in discussions
  • Community and person popularity
  • Feedback

Social Media Setup in a Website

Social media actions include sharing media files, ideas, commenting posts and in discussion boards. Social bookmarking and social networking are also part of social actions. Preparing a website to be compatible with social media apps is important. This will can assist interaction with people and customers easier. The benefits are interaction and website traffic increase.

Adapting to new technologies save time and makes internet marketing easier and effective. Setting up social media and engaging with its members helps the organic growth. With proper social media configuration, it will take less effort from marketers to achieve that. Joining social platforms as a business enhances presence and image with customers. Socialising with people allows a better relationship a company and customer.

Creating content with value and sharing it with a niche community is necessary today. It is a great and free method to start a positive impression to people within social media.

The Most Popular Social Bookmarking Sites

Take your marketing efforts to the next level by using the most popular and busy social bookmarking sites:

  • Reddit
  • BizSugar
  • Digg
  • Delicious
  • Scoop.it
  • Flipboard
  • StumbleUpon
  • We Heart It
  • Dribble
  • Slashdot
  • DZone
  • MetaFilter
  • Medium
  • Instapaper