Social media marketing (SMM) is part of internet marketing. It aims to promote products and services online through social media networks. Read on to learn how to succeed in social media marketing.

Most people and business use social media daily to socialize and educate. It’s the fastest way to communicate and share thoughts with content, images and video. Internet marketers cannot ignore the potential of attracting people thought them.

Most important social media networks are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube.

The right use of social media marketing builds relationships, awareness, trust and sales. All business should use social media. Another marketing benefit is when people like your content. If they do, then they will share it with friends, family and partners. That can have an exponential effect in the case of excellent content.

Social media marketing also includes advanced advertising tools to influence their market niche. With a lot of testing, ads can attract the targeted audience and become profitable. Of course, content must be of good quality or else is a loss of money.

If social media marketing is not done with care, that will provide a negative impact. Too much posting or advertisements can bring the opposite result.

Social marketing with certain social networks is more effective depending on their market niche. Everyone uses Facebook. Younger ages use Instagram. Twitter is ideal for a more technical market. Women are the main audience of Pinterest with an emphasis on beauty products. Although, everyone must use the most important social media networks.

Social Media Marketing Main Network Types

Social Media Marketing Benefits

  • Brand name promotion to create awareness
  • Informing people about their products, services and benefit.
  • Getting feedback and re-evaluating promotion messages
  • Getting new potential customers
  • Building a long-term relationship with existing customers

Social Media Marketing Advantages

  • Can reach thousands or even millions of people
  • Local or general promotion with targeted ads
  • Social networks are free to use and thus promotion is free.
  • Easy to set up a logo, business information and links.
  • Personalized and immediate communication.

Social Media Marketing Preparation

  • Think about what you want to get from social interaction. You need product sales, services booking or to build strong customer relationships?
  • Understand your target audience. Learn which network they use? What subjects do they like? Who are their influencers? What information they do they need? Thus, who are they, what they need, how they think, how they interact.
  • Good content. Once you define your audience, then give them an incentive to start a conversation. The re-evaluate the type and details of your content, products and services.
  • Don’t over-promote only your content. Mix it with other relevant but non-competitive content from other sources. Otherwise, it will look too self-promotional. Don’t forget that social networking is about socializing.
  • Engage the audience by asking their opinion on your content. That builds relationships and provides valuable information about your content.
  • Check your audience interaction with competitors social media accounts. Try content or approach as your competitor. Test, revise and improve.


Use social media as another free marketing method. Use also their advertising tools especially re-marketing ads to increase sales. If your post has high engagement, then promote it with an ad. Treat the socializing aspect with care. Don’t post too much. Mix content. Get followers and use hashtags. Automate the process. Check your social marketing efforts with google analytics. Rinse & repeat.