This is a step-by-step guide/tutorial with images on how to install, setup, configure and use the free version of ‘TinyMCE Advanced’ WordPress plugin.

It is in use by 2+ million active websites with 4.5 star review rating.

What is TinyMCE Advanced?

The ‘TinyMCE Advanced’ is of the most popular WordPress plugin to extend visual text editing features. The most useful option is the addition of specific fonts and font size. It allows insertion of table and tables resizing with mouse drag. It also permits saving-loading custom editing feature or a restore defaults option.

TinyMCE Advanced Editing Features

Fonts, Fonts Size, Underline, Strikethrough, Justify, Increase/decrease intent, Clear Formatting. Subscript, Superscript, Horizontal line, Special characters insertion, Paste as Text, Find and replace, Show Blocks, Source code, Fullscreen, Insert date/time, Insert/Edit Video, Nonbreaking space. Left to Right/Right to Left, Emoticons, Page break.

How to Install TinyMCE Advanced

To install, go to ‘Plugins > Add New’ and on the top right corner next to ‘Keyword’ type ‘TinyMCE Advanced’. Wait for the plugin to appear and then click its ‘Install Now’ button. Wait again until you see the its ‘Activate’ button and click it.

tinymce advanced wordpress plugin guide tutorial how to install


From the WordPress side menu, select ‘Plugins’, find the ‘TinyMCE Advanced’ and click its ‘Settings’ link.

tinymce advanced wordpress plugin guide tutorial how to settings


TinyMCE Advanced Editing Buttons Page

Then the settings page of the plugin will appear. Block Editor (Gutenberg)’ is the standard option of WordPress. The ‘Classic Editor (TinyMCE)’ option is given if you also use the plugin ‘Classic Editor‘.

You can click the ‘Enable the editor menu’ to activate the below editing buttons arrangement for your post editor. From the ‘Unused Buttons’ section you can click on a editing button, drag, drop and rearranging them on the above editor. This page is similar for the standard WordPress configuration (without Classic Editor plugin).

tinymce advanced wordpress plugin classic editor buttons


TinyMCE Advanced Extended Options

The same page also gives extended options and advanced options. There are:

  • Append all buttons to the top toolbar in the Classic Paragraph and Classic blocks: Moving buttons to the top toolbar, even those by other plugins.
  • : Enabling more list options: upper/lower case letters for ordered lists etc.
  • : Replacing browser’s context (right-click) menu.
  • Alternative link dialog: Opening TinyMCE link dialog with toolbar link button or link menu.
  • : Replacing font sizes with alternative ones.

TinyMCE, Advanced Options

  • Add Classic Paragraph block: Adding Classic Paragraph block to add multiple paragraphs, tables, galleries, video, fonts and colors ( essentially using all available options to make it easier to use.
  • Make the Classic Paragraph or Classic block the default block (hybrid mode): Default block is added when pressing ‘Enter’ in title or by clicking under a block. With this mode, it adds improvements for the case of the Classic block.
  • Keep paragraph tags in the Classic block and the Classic Editor: Maintaining paragraph tags on Classic block and Classic Editor. It doesn’t remove <p> and <br> tags and shows them in the Text tab to allow use of more advanced coding without much filtering (test it first).
  • Create CSS classes menu: Loading available CSS classes in editor-style.css.

tinymce advanced wordpress plugin advanced options


TinyMCE Advanced Tables Advanced Options

  • Enable resizing of tables, rows, and columns by dragging with the mouse: Table, rows, columns can be resized by dragging (sizes must be set with inline CSS style). Responsiveness is affected. Disabling this will not allow the editor to add inline CSS for a cleaner HTML code. Then table, rows and cells size values must be types in the advanced options tab.
  • When inserting a table set the HTML border attribute to 1: Adding table border if theme allows it.
  • When inserting a table show a grid where the number of rows and columns can be selected by dragging with the mouse: With the grid disabled, number of rows/columns can be inserted in ‘Insert Table’ dialog.
  • Jump to the next cell when pressing the tab key while editing a table: If disabled, pressing tab key will jump outside editor.’
  • Show the advanced tabs in the table properties dialogs: Allows setting of inline table CSS for each row and cell.

tinymce advanced wordpress plugin advanced options tables


TinyMCE Advanced Administration

It gives a few more options to export and import TinyMCE settings for more flexibility and safety. It also allows more options like:

  • The Classic Editor (Add New and Edit posts and pages)
  • Other TinyMCE editors in wp-admin
  • TinyMCE editors on the front end of the site

tinymce advanced wordpress plugin administration settings import export

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