To be able to get engagement and visits to your website and social media account, you need many thousands of followers. The fastest way to increase Twitter followers is to follow Twitter user accounts. When a Twitter user sees that your follow them, then a small percentage of them will follow you back. After 2-3 days you must unfollow the users who didn’t follow you back to allow more space in your account to follow further users.

The more relevant users you follow related to your topic, the higher the number of follow back. That means you have to follow the followers of Twitter user accounts that are similar to yours or follow users followers related to your topic keywords (Keyword Follow function). The below tools allow 50-100 follows/day and professional (paid) tools allow up to 1.000 follows/day.  It’s important to follow/unfollow just 20-40 users per 30-60 minutes. If more are followed, Twitter will suspend your account and will ask you to change password (don’t overdo following to avoid possible future complications).

Additional features of these tools are:

  • DM’s (Direct messaging). Automated message to those who followed you. Ad a website link to the message since that may bring some visits to your website. Use to create a custom link to track clicks.
  • Copy Following. To follow the people that the user is following.
  • Keyword Follow. To find posts/users by a keyword related to your topic and then follow them.
  • Friends Check. Check if you follow a user that is also following you.
  • Blacklisting users (within the tools, not blacklisting to Twitter). Useful to ignore unimportant or spammy accounts. Your blacklisted users can be reviewed later with the tool interface.
  • Inactive Users. List of inactive users to unfollow. That will allow mainly active users for more engagement when posting and to have more space to follow more users.

In case you are interested to purchase a professional version from the below tools, before your purchase, read their pricing details to see what features each tool version offers.


To Follow users: Login to your Twitter account in the same browser. Login to Statusbrew, add your Twitter account, click ‘Audience’.

statusbrew how to increase twitter followers

On the left menu under ‘Intelligence’, click on ‘Copy followers/following’. Under ‘Username’ type a twitter username and select either ‘Copy Followers’ or ‘Copy Following’ (under ‘Copy Type’ menu) and click search.

statusbrew follow twitter users

On the results produced, click the green ‘Follow’ button.
To unfollow users: To unfollow, select ‘Not following back’ and click the red ‘Unfollow’ button.

statusbrew how to unfollow twitter users

Statusbrew free version features:

50 follows/day. 100 unfollows/day. 5 DM’s to thank followers. Instant list of existing users who don’t follow you back. Follow users who made a tweet containing a specific word. Follow users who contain specific words in their bio. Follow users that contain a specific username in their account or in their tweet. Create groups of users by connecting them to a custom made keyword tags list. Block/whitelist/mute users. List of people’s tweets that @mention your username. Scheduling 100 tweets/month, ReScheduling an old tweet. Analytics of tweets posts made by Statusbrew. Bulk scheduling of text and link upload from a csv file to make tweets.

Statusbrew Pro Version Features  ($20-$40/month):

  • Unfollowing people who didn’t follow you back after you followed them 2-3 days ago (very important)
  • 1.000 follows/unfollows per day
  • Manage 10 Social profiles
  • Hiding previously followed users to avoid following them again
  • Multiple tweets and DM’s (direct messaging)
  • AutoScheduling unlimited tweets across social network
  • Grouping users that follow you with tags


To follow users: Click the button ‘Sign in with Twitter’, complete registration. signin login

Click ‘COPY USERS’ or ‘KEYWORD SEARCH’. The function ‘Copy Users’ allows the following of users followers. The function ‘Keyword Search’ allows the following of users followers.

After you click ‘Copy Users’, in the field ‘Copy from User’, type a Twitter username and then click ‘Begin Search’. follower twitter users

In both cases following happens by clicking the ‘Follow’

To unfollow users: Click ‘Not Followback’ and start clicking the ‘Unfollow’ button. follow twitter followers

UnfollowSpy free version features:

Follow 50/day. Unfollow 100/day. DM’s (direct message) to new followers to thank them. Inactive users unfollowing. Mobile version to follow/unfollow. Friends Check. Scheduling posts. Search specific users account to find a post related to a specific keyword! Twitter advanced statistics. Your Twitter ID number.



To Follow users: Once you signup, go to ‘My Dashboard’ and in bottom click the ‘More Tools’ and select from the drop down list the ‘Follow Followers’. follow twitter followers

Type a Twitter username and click ‘Search’. find twitter user

The followers from that account will appear. Then take the mouse cursor on top a user and click the blue ‘+Follow List’ button to add them to a list to follow later. twitter follow users

Prefer to follow active users that last tweeted days ago (instead of months ago…). Alternatively click the ‘Add criteria’ and setup filtering to display most active users and then follow them.

To Unfollow users: Go to ‘Dashboard’, ‘More Tools’, ‘You Follow’. Click ‘+ Add Criteria’, select ‘Friend or Follower’ and ‘Not Following you’. Find users you followed more that 3 days ago, move your cursor on top of a user and click the blue ‘Unfollow’ button that will appear.

tweepi unfollowing twitter followers

Tweepi free version features:

Tweepi has a powerful feature of filtering, to follow most active and more relevant users. Filtering is by Last Tweeted, No of Followers, Location, Profile Image, User, Bio, Follow Ratio, Protected, Verified, When Account was Created, Friend or Follower. Provides also the functionality of following user’s friends (followers that are also followed by user). To get get more attention and possible engagement and follower increase, there are features like ‘Tweets You Should Like’ and ‘Users You Should @Reply To’. These features are in the ‘Dashboard section. Check what is recommended by Tweepi and and take action. By replying smartly to a post you increase a lot the possiblity to be noticed to start a conversation, to get likes/Retweets and even visits to your website by inserting alink to your reply.

Tweepi Pro Version Features  ($11-$21/ month)

  • 1.000 follows/unfollows per day
  • Target users with geo-location or by language
  • Recommends users to follow based on followers and posts
  • Suggestions of posts to retweet/like/reply/comment (to increase engagement, followers and website visits thought links)
  • Monitors Twitter who Retweeted your post, #hashtags, @competitors and @mentions of your brand to start engaging
  • Follow by Tweet Search. Find by keyword/hashtag users who just tweeted to follow them
  • Follow by User Search. Find users by topic, full name, company name, location, or other similar criteria
  • Follow by Copy/Paste. Paste up to 500 accounts (instead of 50 in the free version) to follow them. This is a highly targeted following
  • Extra protection of your Twitter account from suspension (by over-following)
  • Daily/weekly reports by email to check the rate of followers increase



To Follow users: Signup and follow instructions. Then on bottom of page, click the 3 red vertical lines icon (see below image) to open a menu option. twitter tool

Click on ‘Twitter Growth Features’.

crowdfireapp twitter growth features

Click the function ‘Copy Followers’. On the ‘Showing accounts based on your list of competitors’, click the ‘list of competitors’. Type the twitter account username most related to you and click ‘Add’. Add more usernames with the same procedure to avoid running out of user’s followers to follow.

crowdfireapp find twitter account competitors

To load/refresh those Twitter accounts followers, click any other link (for example click ‘Friends Check’) and then click again ‘Copy Followers’. Then click the green ‘+’ (plus) button to follow the followers of those users. In the ‘Copy Followers’ section, it’s recommended to enable ‘Hide previously followed’ to avoid following again the same users (important function available only in Pro versions). copy twitter followers

To unfollow users: After 1-3 days go in the ‘Non Followers’ section to see who is not following you back. Just click the minus (-) symbol to unfollow them.

crowdfireapp unfollow those who dont followback

CrowdFireApp free version features:

Follow/unfollow 100 users/day. 20 Auto DM’s/day. Keyword follow. Friends check. Blacklisting users. Inactive users. Displaying users profiles and number of their tweets/followers during following/unfollowing.

CrowdFireApp Pro Version Features ($5/$8/$33),

  • 7-Day trial
  • 1.000 follows/unfollows per day
  • 2-20 Accounts management per social network (not just Twitter), depending on pricing plan
  • 850 DM’s per day
  • Create unlimited posts/day and
  • Scheduling posts/tweets and rescheduling old posts/tweets
  • Suggestions of recommended articles, tweets, images.
  • Removing CrowdFireApp branding on premium plan
  • Support by email for Premium plan



Professional Twitter Marketing Platform features  ($32-$119-$470-$750), no Free version, Case studies twitter marketing platform

  • 14-Day trial
  • Unlimited follows/unfollows per day
  • Find users to follow by interests, influence, geographic location, languages.
  • Best times to tweet
  • Segment Twitter followers
  • Simple management
  • Find users faster to add/remove from a custom list