Twitter marketing is the promotion of products and services. This takes place within the Twitter social network. Twitter marketing is another effective internet marketing method. Read on to learn what is Twitter marketing and how to apply it.

Twitter Important Statistics 2020

  • 5th largest social network in Users
  • 1 Billion users
  • 350 million monthly active users
  • Users are 35-65 years old. Most are 18-30 years old
  • Most users are male
  • Women interact more than men with businesses
  • A Post (tweet) has a 20 minutes lifespan
  • They spend 4.5 Minutes per login session
  • 65% of businesses use it for digital marketing
  • Posting is between 5-30 times per day

Twitter Marketing Advantages

Twitter is also a powerful social media network. As with Facebook, Twitter needs no introduction. It is part of our lives. Its internet marketing potential is still strong.

Tweet/Post Marketing Advantage

In Twitter, a Tweet is a Post. Twitter is a bit different from other social networks. It allows only a 280 characters tweet. So, in a short time, you convey enough information. That means that tweeters must choose the text message with care. But that can give a great impact during a promotion. The lifespan of a tweet lasts 20 minutes. So, you can post many tweets per day. That is suitable for businesses with large products range.

A Tweet is seen by the thousands. It takes only a few seconds to write it. Since a Tweet is so short, tweeters pay attention to every word. Due to its short length, people read the complete Tweet.

Twitter Retweet Marketing Advantages

Retweet happens when you click the Retweet button of a Tweet. Retweets are a way to share someone else Tweet content that you liked with your followers. Retweet results in many users seeing it. Even thousands in many accounts! The exposure is incredible.

When your post gets Retweeted by an influencer, then expect enormous exposure. Thus, new potential customers. The viral power of Twitter is significant.

Twitter Hashtags Marketing Advantage

Twitter hashtags increase post engagement. They act also as a subject filter. So, if your post is about ‘blogs marketing’, you add ‘#marketing #blogs’. Users interested in those subject are more likely to see it. If a user searches ‘marketing’, the results will contain posts with those hashtags.

Twitter Tags Marketing Advantage

Adding a user’s tag is another feature to get more attention. You add in the post comment the symbol ‘@’ followed with a twitter account’s username. It’s typed as ‘@username’. That will tell that user that a post mentions him/her. That can draw the tagged user’s attention to interact and start a discussion or promotion.

Twitter Automation Marketing Advantage

Twitter apps aid is saving time, to react faster and to improve promotion. Apps features include receiving Tweets notifications from followers. That gives a direct connection with followers and support to customers.

Twitter tools help a lot in scheduling posts, analysing posts success and followers. Manual posts of many tweets per day take too much time. Automation is a one-way solution for busy promoters.

Twitter embedded in your website also helps growth. scheduling


Twitter is still very important to use for branding, sales and subscriptions. It is also a free method of promotion. Automation can save a lot of time and improve marketing efficiency.