Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platforms and its free to use. Twitter is an excellent internet marketing tool to use with its own unique type of audience. All brands should create a Twitter account to grow their business with Twitter marketing.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social platform like Facebook. It’s a social media website with +300 million active  users. People use it to communicate, exchange thoughts or promote products and services.

Twitter use is for communication with friends, groups and companies. Businesses even use it to exchange business information and to stay up to date. It is an ideal social platform for social media marketing.

What makes Twitter unique, is that it allows 280 characters per post. That creates the need for users to make a thoughtful post message. A lot of essence within a short message is more appealing. A short message is also easier and faster to read.

Post or Tweet and the Retweet Uniqueness

A ‘Tweet’ is a Twitter post. A ‘Retweet’ is when a user likes a tweet and clicks the ‘ Retweet’ button. This action will get the Retweeted post on their accounts feed. It’s like re-posting another users post.

Retweets is the way to share information with their followers. A good Retweet has a positive affect to their followers. It’s typical for a user to tweet only their thoughts and products. A Retweet can spice up things and make a profile more interesting.

Twitter users measure tweets actions to examine results and improve their efforts. This means that they also need to find out who has Retweeted their tweet. This way they can understand which tweet interests people. You can also see who found your tweet interesting. It gives an excellent opportunity for brands to interact with people and get a sale.

To find who is Retweeting their Tweet, people use tools. An example of such a tool is ‘Retweetrank’.

This way they get an immediate feedback to respond with an action. It’s better to take an action within hours to take advantage of the opportunity. An action could be the thanking of the user who did the Retweet.  This can convert the Retweeter into a loyal follower. Another benefit is to research how to reproduce the same benefit on next tweet.

Twitter Account Setup and Profile

Would you like people to find you easier? Then create a username with your real name or brands name. If it is a brand name, then use the same as your domain name.  Twitter handle is a term that defines the username.  Twitter handle or Twitter username is the same thing.

What to Set Up a Twitter Account?

  • First impression is important. So, upload your personal smiley photo or brand’s logo. This will have an impact so spend a little time on this.
  • Colors. In Twitter settings, you can use themes with backgrounds and colors. Select a color that match your topic or brands website.
  • Bio. In your bio, write what describes your character to attract attention. If you describe a brand, insert a convincing bio.
  • Links. Insert your website link. Don’t skip this step. If you don’t have a website, then insert your most important social media link.
  • Language. In settings you can set the language of your profile.
  • Privacy. You can set your profile as public or private. With a public profile, anyone can see your profile. With a private profile, only your followers can see and share your tweets.

Setting up a Twitter Business Account

Creating a Twitter username with your brand name is very important. Your Twitter username represents of who your brand is. Its important to claim your brand username in Twitter, even if you don’t make full use of your new account.

People search for people names or brand names within Twitter. This why it is important to setup the right name for your Twitter account. A brand profile needs full completion with all brand details. A brand profile must be convincing and transparent. A professional profile will attract followers and interaction.

Preparing a bio with the product and services advantages of your brand is crucial. Using a professional logo will give a professional impression and will attract attention. Of course, a professional logo is not the main factor to get sales. You tweets will do that.

Business Account Marketing elements

Part of your twitter marketing plan, once you have enough followers and good tweets is to:

  • Add your Twitter link to your email signature and Newsletters
  • Add your Twitter link on your business website.
  • Add your Twitter link on your articles and digital publications.
  • Add your Twitter link  on business card, flyers, stickers, pens.
  • Add the @YourBrandName on every tweet to get profile visits.
  • Add @OthersUsername in your tweets. This creates a ‘social mention’ that notifies them resulting in interaction.
  • Always add several relevant #hashtags in your tweets to increase tweet engagement.