Upwork.com is an online platform where clients post jobs (projects) and freelancers take over them. Its an ideal platform for people who want to earn money and even work from their home. It has 8 million freelancers registered servicing 4 million clients with 3 million jobs posted/year.

UpWork Project listings include: graphics design, writing, programming, web technologies, accounting and more.

When a freelancer applies for a clients project, the client can ‘interview’ the freelancer and then hire. It provides also a live chat to reduce agreement time. When a freelancer find a posted project, they contact the clients with proposals and may offer bids to persuade clients. As with other online marketplaces, when a project is completed, the client provides a reviews to the freelancers work.

The advantage of UpWork is that you can do UpWork’s Job Search to find a job posted by clients that you will like to do and can convince a client with a better offer while in other marketplaces you have to wait until someone hires you.

Creating an Upwork convincing profile with a good personal photo and ideally an introduction video is important to persuade client. Check a profile of a freelancer in UpWork to get an idea (at the end of the page it displays the results of the UpWork online skill tests he has taken and relevant grades that clients are also interested for). You can also take these free online tests to display authority¬† and if the test results are not good enough then UpWork allows you to retake them (after some time..). Do a skill test yourself and for more info check UpWork’s skills test information. The more skills a freelancer has, the higher the possibility for getting hired.

You can make from 20$ per project or spend weeks in a project with an agreed by the client hourly/project fee. It depends on the posted project. UpWork will keep a fee from the finished projects from 5%-20% (read UpWork Official Service Fee) because they act as intermediate between you and client.

The greater the success you get on a project, the higher the rating you get thus, the higher the possibility to get hired by other UpWork clients.

Supplying services for both UpWork and Fiverr, might be an interesting combination to consider.