Vlogging is very popular since people enjoy watching videos. There are already excellent quality vlogs with millions of subscribers. Vlogging is also another way of making money online. It is a wonderful feeling doing something you like, getting it on a video and sharing it.

What is Vlogging?

Vlog is a video blog. Vlogging is a channel setup within a video sharing site. There are many video sharing sites.

Popular Video sharing sites for Vlogging

  • YouTube
  • Facebook Live
  • Instagram Live
  • Twitch IRL
  • DailyMotion
  • Vimeo
  • Flickr
  • d.tube
  • Patreon

Continuous video uploading is the foundation to increase viewers. As with blogging, vlogging needs creating quality useful or entertaining video content. The better the content, the more followers and subscribers a vlog gets.

Watching video instead of reading an article is more enjoyable, if done well. It’s also easier to watch than reading text.

Why start a Vlog?

There are several good reasons someone should start a vlogging:

  • A video has a significant impact. YouTube and Facebook videos get most attention on social media. So, they now offer live streaming video features. People want that. It is all about demand and supply.
  • Videos are enjoyable. People enjoy watching videos and there is a growing preference in vlogs. Many successful video channels on YouTube are vlogs. YouTube attracts a lot of visitors since it is the second biggest search engine after google!
  • As with blogging, vlogging is the new way to share thoughts, news, information. They are also similar with blogging since people prefer casual style vlogs form of video content presentation.
  • Marketing. Marketers understand the impact of videos, so they also use it to promote products and brands.
  • Variety of topics. There are many topics like tutorials, fashion, cooking, games, daily experiences, music, reviewing, traveling, education, comedy.
  • Variety of applications. Product and services promotion,  donations, affiliate marketing, sponsorship.

Anyone can use their talent or experience, convert it into a video and share it. Viewers will recognise a person good at it and become their follower.

Once a loyal following is build, this will prepare the ground to market a product or services. Even sponsors will approach a good quality vlog. Presenting quality work is all it takes.

Successful Vloggers

There are successful vloggers making income just from their YouTube vlogs. Some are:

  • PewDiePie
  • Whindersson Nunes
  • Hola Soy German
  • Dude Perfect
  • Shane Dawson
  • elrubiusOMG
  • Matt Does Fitness
  • Kids Diana Show
  • Logan Paul

They have sponsorship agreements with brands which is an important income factor. Marketers always search for ideal opportunities everywhere, even in YouTube. They know that very famous people can produce an immediate impact to an audience.

Vlogging is a great way to make money and anyone can do it. A high quality video recording smartphone is the only equipment necessary. Later on, you will need good equipment for good quality video and sound recording to improve results. Free video processing programs like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie will do the job.

Vlogging doesn’t need a website. YouTube is the starting point for a vlog.

It is important to create a social accounts with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. They are free to use. These will help to grow followers , traffic and to upload video trailers to promote your vlog. Then add your YouTube video link in a post to let people know when you create a new video.

Many use vlogging with affiliate marketing to make money. They make a product review and link to the brands product page. When people buy the product through their link, then they get a commission per sale.