Facebook marketing is the promotion of products and services through its network. Facebook marketing belongs in social media marketing and internet marketing. Read on to learn what is Facebook marketing and how to use it.

Facebook is a social network with over a billion active users worldwide. It’s a vast online marketing machine. All businesses must be present Facebook to engage and promote their products.

Facebook is so powerful that many businesses act there instead of their websites. It’s more likely that the audience to interact on Facebook instead of another channel. Thus, it’s more common for a business to publish content on Facebook than on their website. The interactions and engagements on Facebook are immediate and with measurable results. Links on the post can incentivise the audience to visit their websites too.

Facebook Marketing Types

The Facebook marketing approach is through the reach of audience organically or with paid ads.

Facebook Organic Marketing

Facebook organic marketing is a wonderful method to supply content with value. That results in free of cost audience engagement and influence. Furthermore, that creates brand awareness, loyal followers and trust. The higher the number of followers the more organic reach you get to your posts.

Facebook Paid (PPC) Marketing

Since Facebook users are daily in their accounts, they prefer to consume posts inside it. That is the reason for the greater success of Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads holds the top position in social media advertising. Facebook paid ads is an excellent way to enhance the results of your posted content. By including a link and a reason to click, to get visitors to your website, subscribers and sales.

Facebook Marketing Goals

Facebook marketing objectives definition is crucial for success. Many businesses make a few posts on Facebook without result and then they hardly use it. Your objectives should be long term, specific, measurable and obtainable. Some goals may be:

  • Social Following
  • Brand Awareness
  • Subscriptions
  • Website Visits
  • Products Sales

Many businesses don’t focus on higher sales on Facebook. They use Facebook to get attention and engagement first. Then they get followers and brand awareness. Website traffic is the next step to get them subscribed in return for an offer. Finally, the goal is to convert them into customers and get sales.

Building a high amount of followers is very important. More followers mean more interaction resulting in likes, comments and shares. That results in more subscriptions and sales, depending on your posts marketing intentions. It’s good to know that only a small percentage of followers will see your posts.

Facebook marketing is a valuable and essential part of business marketing actions. Define a Facebook marketing strategy, time plan and start engaging. Keep posting daily with hashtags and a thoughtful call to action. Promote successful posts with Facebook ads and investigate Facebook and website analytics. Check your competitor’s action and improve.