This guide is made based on the installation. By default, Bluehost will have installed the website theme (appearance) called ‘Twenty Sixteen‘. If you wish to change your website theme in the future, check WordPress Theme Change Guide.

If you see a message like ‘Let’s launch……YourSite‘, then complete configuration. You don’t need to install WooCommerce unless you want to sell products from your website. You can disable this window by clicking the blue ‘X’ icon on top right (if its available).

lets launch wordpress

In case you need to install manually a plugin called ‘Jetpack by’ then go to ‘Plugins’ (left side menu), find the plugins ‘Jetpack by’, click on its ‘Jetpack’ link, click ‘Connect Jetpack’, create your new Jetpack account and click on ‘Sign Up and Connect Jetpack’. Complete remaining steps and click on ‘Select Free’, click ‘Skip this step’, go again in Plugins, find ‘Jetpack by’, click its ‘Settings’ link, click on ‘Engagement’ link, enable ‘Related posts’ by clicking its grey button to activate it.

If you see a messages like ‘To take full advantage of the Constant Contact Forms plugin, we recommend having an active ‘Constant Contact Forms’ + ‘Get more Email Subscribers with OptinMonster’, then you can click on their top right side the ‘X’ icon. You can configure these later.

Then go in the left menu and click ‘Plugins’ and on the top you may find the message ‘Your site is currently displaying a “Coming Soon” page. Once you are ready to launch your site click here.’ Just click the blue link ‘click here’.

Remember that if you get difficulties during installation, you can use Bluehost Live Chat to get a quick & easy live support.

How to add Pages, Content and Contact Form in WordPress

I have made this guide so that you can realistically follow it to build your business website. Let’s assume that your business is about ‘Social Media Marketing for Business’. First you can start by creating 4 main pages that will describe your business. In the first page can be named ‘What we offer’, second page ‘Social Media Benefits’ and 3rd page ‘About Us’ and the 4th page ‘Contact Us’.

Go in WordPress Dashboard, click on ‘Pages’ (left side) and you might see some pages already available. Place your mouse on top of the page ‘Home page’ and click the ‘Edit’ link that will appear.

wordpress edit page

Change the ‘Home page’ text to the text ‘What we offer’ and change the below text from to (as an example): I am an internet social marketing freelancer specialized in the creation of successful social media presence to promote and advertise services and products of businesses. We analyze competition, listen to your demands and develop a marketing plan customized to your needs. Below you will find work examples/testimonials of our customers…. Then click the ‘Update (or Publish)’ blue button on the right.

To obtain the second page, repeat same procedure and rename the ‘Sample Page’ to ‘Social Media Benefits’ and insert an appropriate text content that is directly related to your business field. With this page, you should provide visitors analytical information on the benefits that a business/freelancer can get with the use of social media. The idea is to help viewers with good quality information while convincing them at the same time that you are experienced.

To create a 3rd page named ‘About Us’, go again in ‘Pages’ and click ‘Add New’.

wordpress add new page

Under the ‘Add New Page’, type ‘About Us’ and in the text content you could add a text similar to this: My name/company-name is _____. I am freelancer in social media marketing since 2001 in New York. I specialise in social media setup, ads & branding (to further persuade potential customers include work examples, customers social media links, working experience, degree title & university name if available, customer testimonials. To start interaction with a potential customer, you could also state: Sent us your Facebook page link to produce you a free social media report and recommendations on improvement. Then on the right side click ‘Publish’ blue button.

wordpress add new page title
Create a 4th page named ‘Contact Us’ and click ‘Publish’. Go in Dashboard, in left menu click on ‘Plugins’, in the left menu under ‘Plugins’ click on ‘Add New’, on top right search bar type ‘Contact Form 7’ (and press enter). The search results will display a plugin called ‘Contact Form 7’ by Takayuki Miyoshi (1 Million installs). Click its button ‘Install Now’ and after a few seconds click its ‘Activate’ button.

wordpress plugin contact form 7

On the next page (plugins), find the plugin ‘Contact Form 7’ and click its ‘Settings’ link, on next window click ‘Contact Form 1’, click the tab named ‘Mail’ and replace all fields appropriately.

wordpress configure contact form 7 plugin

Then, above the page you will see a blue text code similar to ‘{contact-form-7 id=”11″ title=”Contact form 1″}‘. Just copy it (including the ‘[]’ symbols), click the ‘Save’ button, go to Dashboard, click ‘Pages’, click on the ‘Contact Us’ page you previously created, paste the copied code in the text content area, click on right side the blue button named ‘Update (or ‘Publish’ if you created a new page)’.

wordpress configure contact us page

Note: To disable a plugin, go to Dashboard, Plugins, find the plugin you want to remove, click on its ‘Deactivate’ option. You can delete a plugin ONLY if you have deactivated it first. If something goes wrong just reinstall it. Prefer to use plugins listed in WordPress Plugins.

Website appearance extra settings

wordpress widgets recent postsOn your Website, there are some visual elements appearing on the right-hand side (Recent Posts, Archives, Categories, Meta). If you want to disable them, then on Dashboard, Widgets, on the section ‘Sidebar’ you can drag widgets to the left so that you disable them from your Website.

wordpress footer css remove proudly Proudly powered by WordPressTo remove from the footer the ‘Proudly powered by WordPress’, go to Dashboard, Appearance, Edit CSS and add the following code under ‘*/’:

.site-info {display:none;}





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