YouTube marketing is about promoting products and services within its social network. YouTube is the world’s biggest free social network. YouTube marketing is another effective internet marketing method. Read on to learn what is YouTube marketing and how to use it.

YouTube Important Marketing Statistics 2020

  • 2 Billion active users per month in 200 countries
  • 80% of internet users have a YouTube account
  • Available in 80 languages
  • Most active users are 18-45 years old
  • 60% of businesses promote in YouTube
  • 90% of users discover new businesses of products within
  • An equal amount of male and female users
  • Ryan ToysReview toys promotion channel earnings of $22 million

YouTube Marketing Advantages

Video marketing is growing very fast. YouTube receives massive amounts of content, audience and traffic.
It is the second-highest traffic website worldwide.

YouTube Organic Marketing Advantages

It is the largest search engine after Google. This provides the advantage of free video content promotion. Thus, marketers need to improve their exposure through search engine optimization.

Like Google, YouTube’s organic marketing is the ranking of videos in the top listings. That gives a 35% increase in content exposure.

With good SEO actions, the benefits will come both from Google and YouTube search results. Thus, the benefits may double.

YouTube Paid Marketing Advantages

YouTube income comes from digital advertising. It is the best channel for businesses to display ads to a large audience.
Businesses can get instant and massive exposure. It’s users upload video content and they also get their share of businesses marketing profit. It is a win-win situation.

Video promotion with the right marketing actions, produces business exposure, subscriptions and sales. Of course, due to extreme competition, it is not easy to rank videos.

How to Create and Optimize your Business YouTube Channel

First, you need to create for your YouTube business a ‘Brand’ channel. This allows naming your channel with your business name. Upload a professional logo, banner, website url and contact information. Add a well-thought description of your business with the right SEO keywords. You need to do keyword research to get a good ranking of your videos. Link also your other social media profiles.

Finally, add a promotion trailer of your business motivating users to subscribe. Make it professional and convincing. Make sure you also use the right SEO keywords for video the title, description and tags. Include in the video description all your important business products relevant words. This will improve your video ranking. Add a professional image thumbnail for your video.

Then, go to ‘Customize Channel’, ‘For New Visitors’, ‘channel trailer’ and link your trailer video.

How to Promote your YouTube Product Video With AdWords

Although making organic promotion is free of cost, paid promotion is more targeted. If you have a profitable product, then paid marketing promotion is beneficial.

To promote, visit YouTube’s ‘Creator Studio’ and find ‘Video Manager’. Select the video you want to promote. From its drop-down menu, select ‘Promote’. This will redirect you to Google AdWords. This is the platform for the best-paid advertising solution.

In Adwords, you have to define your budget per ad per day. Set the ‘Cost Per View’ (CPV) value high to start with. Then, every few days reduce its CPV cost. Don’t reduce it too much since that will stop your ad display. Maintain a balance between CPV cost, traffic and sales or subscription benefits.

Define your audience country location and language. Define ‘Content Exclusions’ to control where to show your video ads. You can narrow your ads targeting by defining your audience demographics.

YouTube Content Targeting method
In the ‘Content’ section you can set your ads to display with:

  • Keywords. To display ads on websites and channels where your defined keywords exist.
  • Placements. To display ads on specific websites and channels, videos and apps.
  • Devices. To display ads on specific devices like PC, android, IOS.
  • Topics. To display ads on channels and websites similar to your product content.

Youtube Marketing Recommendations

You need ideas on how to start your YouTube marketing efforts. Research what your competitors do with their channel. Check their organic ranking by searching their business products keywords within YouTube. You might also see their paid advertisement. Keep notes. Think about what they are trying to do. Then produce your unique idea and make a video. Use online service or professionals to make a video. Then upload it and use SEO keywords for your description. Make an Adwords ad to promote it and check audience response or website traffic you get. Then revise and repeat the same procedure with another video.

Wish you good success.